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Rowlett Heating, AC Repair & Installation

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HVAC Services in the Rowlett area

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In the event your AC system stops effectively cooling your household in Rowlett, Baker Brothers can offer quality assistance to get it back into shape. We have highly competent and experienced heating and cooling repair technicians in Rowlett that can work on all major brands of HVAC equipment. No matter if your system needs to be replaced altogether, or if the unit has minor repairs that need to be attended to, we can offer excellent service. Heating and cooling are more times than none the costliest expenses in an American household, even resulting up to 48% of your energy usage. If your AC unit is not working at its full potential, this will increase the chance of your energy costs being high. Not ensuring that you get the necessary repairs can potentially cost you greater when looking at the big picture. 

Below are just some of the HVAC services and benefits Baker Brothers offers:

Yearly Heating and Cooling Inspections

Making sure you get the necessary yearly AC tune-ups will help the lifespan of your AC system and ensure that it will not fail at the most inconvenient times for you and your family. During these annual inspections, a trained professional will search and find any minor deficiencies and fix them before they evolve into bigger problems and cost you greater in the long run. Taking the precautionary measures of preventative maintenance can and will assist your AC system in performing at its peak performance and help you save thousands of dollars on potential future repairs. Preventative maintenance also helps extend the lifespan of your AC unit. You can get this annual maintenance inspection with the Baker Brother Family Plan Membership. The plan itself offers up to 15% off parts and labor and priority scheduling. Give Baker Brothers a call today for your AC unit inspection.

Furnace/Heater Repair in Rowlett

Not everyone uses their heater every day of the year in Rowlett. However, it’s crucial to ensure it is performing effectively when we do use it. Baker Brothers has certified technicians in Rowlett that are specifically trained in repairing your electric and gas heating systems. An efficient tactic to go about avoiding expensive repairs is to make it a priority to get your heating system professionally serviced every year to help ensure that it is working at max efficiency. You will be able to get this annual inspection on the Baker Brother Family Plan Membership.

Furnace installation is not the time for a “Do It Yourself” project. It would be in your best interest to have trained and experienced technicians that have specialized in heater installation to ensure the job is done correctly. Baker Brothers can gladly install your system and leave it working efficiently to warm your household.

Installation of new Air Conditioning Units

In the unfortunate situation, your HVAC unit is dealing with a rather extreme issue you can ultimately decide to repair or replace the system altogether. There are red flags that can let you know that it’s time to get a new system for your home. These red flags can be as simple as your air conditioning system constantly being defective, or not being able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature at all times, and having higher monthly energy bills. When facing any major concerns with your AC unit, consider if a new system would be a better and a more cost effective option. Baker Brothers has a team of elite HVAC technicians and installers that can properly install your new AC system and make sure it will provide you and your family many years of product efficiency.

Attic Insulation Maintenance   

At the end of the day seeing our monthly energy bills as low as possible can provide a sense of relief. One of the best ways to lower them is with great attic insulation in your attic. You may have seen red flags that will let you know your attic needs better attic insulation. Some of these red flags are constant changes in temperature, wet insulation, indoor drafts, and strangely high energy bills. Good attic insulation ensures your home is warmer when it’s cold outside and cooler when it’s hot outside. When you have good attic insulation, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, which lowers monthly utility bills. Attic insulation is a complicated job, make sure you hire a company that has the proper training and experience.

Air Duct Cleaning in Rowlett, TX

Many homeowners forget that their air ducts need to be properly maintained as well. Without proper maintenance, your air ducts can get very dirty and significantly lower the air quality inside your house. Dirty air ducts are usually filled with mold, bacteria, and fungi that can prevent air from flowing freely through your ventilation system. Blockages mean your system will need to use more energy to function. When your ventilation system is using more energy, your monthly energy bills will be higher.  A thorough cleaning of your air ducts helps in lowering your energy costs and greatly improves your indoor air quality. Baker Brothers hires only the best HVAC technicians in Rowlett, TX that can clean your home’s air ducts quickly and correctly.

Air Duct Installation

Occasionally, cleaning your air ducts will not be enough to get rid of all their issues. Certain issues will need you to replace your air ducts. We suggest replacing your air ducts if they have ever had mold. You can completely clean mold from metal ducts for the most part, but you’ll need new ducts if your plastic ducts have ever had mold. Homes with air ducts older than 50 years, must be replaced. Air duct installation is not a DIY kind of job. Hire a licensed and trained technician.

Installing new A/C Filters

Replacing your A/C filters is a basic step in correctly caring for your home’s HVAC system. An A/C filter is supposed to remove allergens, dirt, and dust from the air while cooling your home. After about 3 months, air filters start to get covered in dust and dirt, which leads to poor air circulation and indoor air quality. This lowers the energy efficiency of your AC unit when cooling your home.

Replacing your filter is a pretty simple job, as long as you have the right type and size filter. We suggest replacing your air filters every 3 months. Baker Brothers has a wide variety of filters and can be at your home to help you with replacement if you want any assistance.

Heating Installation & Replacement

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