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AC Repairs

Cooling our homes is among the highest contributor to our energy bills. And apart from being very uncomfortable when our ACs don’t cool as expected, they cost us more money if they don’t work properly.

If your AC is giving problems, it means that you will spend more than normal on your energy bill for cooling. Let the experts at Baker Brothers take a look at your air conditioning unit to find the problems and repair them quickly. Our contractors come fully equipped and trained to repair all major brands of ACs and will get your AC working in no time.

Attic Insulation for a Cooler Home

Another contributor to high energy bills is poor attic insulation. Your home insulation helps you to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And if your attic is poorly insulated, you will be losing valuable temperature control through the attic.

Making the right improvements in your attic insulation requires a quality contractor if you want it done quickly and efficiently. At Baker Brothers, we can install new insulation or repair and seal air leaks while adding better insulation. Our contractors have the necessary equipment, skills, and experience to do the job quickly. They are also all licensed and insured.

Keep your home cool with quality attic insulation installation services from Baker Brothers.

AC Coil Cleaning Services in Double Oak 

Dirty coils contribute to higher energy bills. When the coils are dirty, they prevent the easy transfer of heat necessary to cool your home. Because of this, they have to work even harder and will draw up to 30% more energy in doing so. It also contributes to your compressor working harder and loss in its cooling capacity. And all of this affects the life of your AC unit.

The compressor is one of the most expensive parts of your unit so you should protect it as best of possible. And cleaning your coils is a start. For the fastest and easiest way to clean your AC coils, contact Baker Brothers.

Double Oak, Texas HVAC Inspection Contractors

Want to keep your HVAC system working efficiently and find problems before they escalate? Contact Baker Brothers for a detailed inspection of your HVAC system. Regular HVAC inspections and maintenance services help to not only keep your unit working, but it can limit expensive repairs and keep your system working for longer.

If you want to ensure that your HVAC does not stop working during the winter or summer when you need it most, have it regularly inspected and serviced. Our inspection process is detailed for your peace of mind, and our qualified contractors are trained to identify issues with your HVAC system.

Keep your HVAC working as it should with expert inspection and maintenance services from Baker Brothers.

New AC Installations

The main reason to have an expert install your Air Conditioning unit is that they can properly size it. You should always calculate your home or building BTUH cooling requirements before choosing an AC unit. If the new unit is not the optimal size, it may have to work harder to cool the space, or you may end up with a size that is too large for the area to be cooled.

To make sure that you have the best in service from start to finish when getting a new AC unit or HVAC system, contact Baker Brothers. Our expert HVAC technicians are fully capable to help you determine the best AC or HVAC system for your needs. They can answer any question you have.

Let our technicians help you make your home or building more comfortable with quality AC installation services.

New Air Ducts for your Double Oak Home

Air ducts should contribute to your indoor comfort and health. If your air ducts are leaky, old, and worn, you will have serious ventilation and cooling/heating problems. The main issue is leakage and the inefficiencies this causes in heating and cooling. When you are faced with so many issues, replacing your air ducts can often work out to be the best option instead of repairing.

Baker Brothers replaces and installs air ducts using fire approved materials and proper ventilation practices for superior indoor comfort. Contact us today if you need new air ducts installed and want to work with a respected, trusted, and reliable HVAC contractor in Double Oak.

Replacing AC Filters

If you want an inexpensive way to keep your home heating and cooling, change out your air filters regularly. And it helps with energy savings when you change your AC filters.

Baker Brothers stocks a variety of air filters so we can help our clients across Double Oak to quickly change out their old and dirty filters. Stocking different types of AC filters ensure that we can fit the variety of air conditioning units our customers have.

Changing your AC filters regularly means that you can enjoy the comforts of your home without worrying about the dust and allergens clogging and circulating in your system. Or that a dirty filter will affect efficiency. Contact us today if you need help with changing your filters.

Furnace Repairs & Maintenance

Furnace repair and maintenance services should be the first thing on your mind as fall settles in and you know the cooler months are coming. A central furnace to provide heat throughout the home is an essential major appliance that should be kept in good working condition. Whether powered by gas or electricity, you must make sure to keep it in proper working order to keep you warm over those colder months.

If you are faced with a broken furnace and no heat, or it is not working efficiently enough, you should get a quality technician to run diagnostics and offer a comprehensive repair plan. And make sure the company you choose is trustworthy and will only recommend replacement of the unit if there is nothing that can be done to repair it.

Air Duct Cleaning

One of the steps to improve your indoor air quality is to have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your air duct involves the removal of dirt, dust, and debris from the various components of your heating and cooling system. This includes the supply/return air ducts, grilles, registers, coils, and fan motor/housing to name a few of the components.

Regular maintenance prevents issues from developing into significant problems for your respiratory health. And scheduled cleaning services improve the efficiency and operations of your unit. Not to mention the effect it has on improving allergies from an improved indoor air quality.

Plus, when your residential HVAC system is installed with the proper filtration system, you can mitigate issues related to cleaning of your ducts. But, air duct cleaning is a part of having an HVAC system and cannot be put off or ignored. You can also ask about products to improve the air filtration in your home and dehumidification for your comfort.

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