Attic Insulation

Lower Your Utility Bills During Summer and Winter with Baker Brothers Blown-in Attic Insulation

During the Texas summer the heat trapped in your attic will want to travel to the cooler environment of your air conditionined living space. This can cause your AC system to have to work harder and run longer increasing your monthly utility bills. A properly insulated attic space can save you between 15% and 30% on your monthly electricity bill.

Time-Saving Installation

Blown-in attic insulation takes less time to install and is a light weight insulation product that can greatly reduce the amount of heat (or cold) that travels between your attic and home's living areas. The material is, as the name implies, blown into your attic using a special machine. Despite it being blown out into your attic this type of insulation produces far lest dust than traditional rolled or batt insulation products.

Long Lasting

Blown-in fiberglass attic insulation has been rated to last anywhere from 80 to 100 years. It's recommended to check your attic every 15 years to ensure the insulation is intact and free from moisture.

At Baker Brothers, we recommend AttiCat® Expanding Blown- In PINK® Fiberglas™ Insulation. Because this type of insulation will not settle, it retains its R-Value over time, thus keeping your home comfortable for years to come. Call Baker Brothers today at 214-892-2225 or schedule your attic insulation estimate online »

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