Family Plan Membership

Baker Brothers Family Plan

Get a Family Plan Membership today to receive 3 Performance Tune–Ups & Inspections a Year for only $9.95 a month!

Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid costly breakdowns and repairs. Annual maintenance to your home also provides greater energy savings, making sure your home systems are performing in top condition, while ensuring maximum life of your systems.

With a Baker Brothers Family Plan Membership you will receive:

Air Conditioning: Safety Inspection & Performance Tune–Up

  • Full inspection of A/C system
  • Lubricate mechanical components
  • Inspect and tighten connections on A/C system
  • Check and adjust blower motor
  • Examine air filter condition and air flow
  • Clear outside condenser of debris
  • Test temperature and calibrate thermostat
  • Safety test all controls

Heating: Safety Inspection & Performance Tune–Up

  • Full inspection of furnace and assemblies
  • Inspect and adjust furnace burner/ignition assembly
  • Evaluate and check heat exchanger for cracks or damage
  • Inspect and tighten connections on heating system
  • Examine air filter condition and air flow
  • Monitor flue draft and inspect gas piping
  • Test furnace safety controls

Plumbing: Visual Safety Inspection

  • Kitchen inspection
  • Test and inspect water heater operation and component
  • Flush and drain water heater (Under 4 Years-old)
  • Inspect each bathroom, including testing toilets for leaks
  • Washing machine inspection
  • Plumbing and gas pipe inspection
  • Complete and review inspection checklist

In addition to the 3 precision tune–ups, your Family Plan Membership includes the following benefits and money saving discounts:

  • Front of the Line Scheduling – As a Family Plan Member, when you are in need of service you will receive priority scheduling.
  • Discounts on Repairs – You get a 15% discount on repairs when you are part of the Family Plan Membership program.
  • Extended Hours – When you are a Family Plan Member, we offer extended hours until 7PM during the week, without additional fees.
  • Convenient Auto Renewal – For your convenience, your Family Plan Membership will automatically renew each month so you will never have to worry about missing any of the great benefits and features.