Dallas Air Handler Repair, Installation & Replacement

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What Is An Air Handler?

The air handler is the part of your heating and cooling system that regulates and circulates the air through the ductwork. In traditional heating systems, the air handler is a component of the furnace. Heating systems that do not burn fuel to generate heat, such as heat pumps and geothermal systems, require a separate air handling unit to filter, regulate and circulate the air.

Servicing And Maintaining The Air Handler

Without the air handler, the heated or cooled air would not reach the various rooms in your home, making it a critical part of any heating and cooling system. It’s extremely important to keep the air handler in good working order. The key to avoiding a possible breakdown of your air handler is to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis by a professional.

One thing that homeowners can do on their own that will greatly assist the function of the air handler is to regularly inspect and replace the air filter as needed. Doing so will prevent it from becoming clogged and forcing the air handler to work harder in an effort to propel the air into your home.

Should your air handler cease to function properly, the service technicians at Baker Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical can diagnose the problem and fix it so that your heating and air conditioning system will once again be working right. If necessary, we can also replace the malfunctioning air handler with a new one.

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