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Did your home electrical inspection reveal problems and you now need home rewiring services? Or have you been noticing some tell-tale signs that your electrical system needs an upgrade? Perhaps you are remodeling and need to address new power needs? Or you are making additions to your building or outdoors and require new wiring?

Whatever the reason for your electrical upgrade, Baker Brothers has the licensed electricians in Dallas to do it for you. We handle residential electrical wiring and home rewiring throughout Dallas, Texas. Call us today 214-892-2225 or schedule your home rewiring estimate online.

Warning Signs That You Need to Rewire Your Home

A lot of older homes have wiring that needs to be replaced. And unfortunately, sometimes, the cheapest wiring material was used at the time of construction to save on cost. Some of the early signs that there is a potentially dangerous electrical issue include:

  1. Circuit breakers that are always tripping
    A breaker will trip to prevent fire when circuits get too hot. If you have an older home, it may not be equipped to handle the amp requirements of modern electronics and appliances. This can lead to the breaker tripping constantly and is a sure sign that you need to upgrade your electrical wiring.
  2. Damaged electrical outlets from power surges or lightning
    If you have charred switches and outlets around the house, it means you either have power surge issues or faulty wiring is causing small fires. This needs quick action before a major electrical house fire erupts.
  3. Dimming or flickering of lights when you use an appliance
    Again, this may be an indication of your home being unable to handle the power requirements. It was not wired to accommodate all the electrical gadgets, appliances, and equipment you are using today.
  4. Being shocked when you turn on appliances or electronics
    This means there are power problems in your home and you need to fix it quickly before it causes even more severe issues.
  5. Aluminum Wiring
    If your wiring jacket has AL written on it, you have a problem. AL means that your system was made with aluminum wiring. This was discontinued in the early 1970s because the aluminum wiring can lead to electrical fires.

Other signs that you need an electrical wiring upgrade include:

  • Knob and tube wiring, which is outdated
  • Damaged circuits from rodents, water exposure, or wear and tear
  • Outdated fuse boxes
  • Overloaded circuits

If you are affected by any of these or other electrical problems, contact Baker Brothers today by calling 214-892-2225 or scheduling your appointment online. The longer you wait to address these problems, the higher the likelihood of an electrical fire.

At Baker Brothers, our electricians can help you determine the reason for the problems and outline a course of action to resolve it. If this means rewiring a section or your entire house, they can do it for you.

Benefits of Rewiring Your House

There are many benefits of upgrading your homes electrical system. And just rewiring your home can eliminate a lot of the issues we raised above. But to summarize, rewiring your home leads to:

  • Enhanced safety in your house
  • Improved capacity to handle all the electrical load requirements in your home
  • Expansion of your home
  • Increase in the sale value of your property

Electric Wiring Installation And Replacement Services, Dallas/Fort Worth

Hire a licensed electrician in Dallas to handle your electrical wiring installations or for rewiring services. A licensed and experienced electrical contractor will ensure that your home is correctly wired for your safety and convenience.

Schedule a home electrical inspection with Baker Brothers or call 214-892-2225 and our expert electricians will advise you on whether your home requires rewiring.

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