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What Is Hydrojetting?

Most clogged drains can be eliminated with the use of augers or pipe snakes. However, some clogs, like those located beyond the reach of an auger, or those caused by the overgrowth of roots from nearby trees into the sewer line require a special solution.

Hydrojetting uses water sent through the pipes under up to 4,000 pounds per square inch of pressure to blast away any built-up clogs and tree roots and wash away the debris, leaving behind clean and unobstructed drain pipes.

Hydrojetting Services

When Is Hydrojetting Required?

Grease and fat from your food that gets sent down the drain can cause super-clogs over time. An accumulation of sticky goo along the inside of your drain pipes traps hair and other solids, restricting the flow of wastewater; eventually leading to a complete blockage. Such clogs are often impervious to store-bought drain cleaning products and require a professional.

Certainly, not all clogs necessitate hydrojetting. The determination of the best solution to address your particular clog is best left up to the experts at Baker Brothers Plumbing. Once we arrive at your home or business, our service technician will use the latest in pipe inspection technology to determine the exact nature of the blockage. Some of the equipment frequently used includes special tiny video cameras mounted on a flexible rod that can travel through the pipes to the site of the blockage, allowing us to visually determine exactly what is going on.

Hydrojetting As A Preventative Measure

Many businesses employ hydrojetting services as a measure to prevent future blockages. Hotels, restaurants, food processing plants, and other enterprises that handle greasy or fatty foods are prone to frequent blockages due to the accumulation of grease and grime in their pipes.

A blockage and the ensuing possible backup of wastewater into the building can have serious and even disastrous repercussions, both from a financial and reputational perspective. For that reason, many of these businesses opt to schedule the hydrojetting of their pipes on an annual basis to keep them clean and unobstructed at all times.