GFCI Outlet Installation

Prevent electrical shocks with GFCI outlet installations.

GFCI Outlet

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) are devices that protect against electric shock, especially in areas where moisture is expected. The devices detect variances in the electrical current and if there’s a problem, automatically shut off power to that part of the circuit.

These safety type outlets are especially useful in areas that have some form of moisture. This is why GFCI outlets are recommended for:

  • Outside plugs
  • Bathroom plugs
  • Plugs on your kitchen countertop
  • Plugs for your pool pumps & jacuzzi

GFCI outlets also prevent electrical shocks from faults in the electrical devices plugged in the outlets. When a fault is detected, the GFCI device will shut off power to the outlet and devices to prevent the user from being shocked.

When you want to use your appliances or outlets without fear of being shocked, then upgrade to GFCI outlets. If you want to upgrade old non-grounded two-pronged outlets to three-pronged, grounded outlets without installing new wires, then ask your electricians for GFCI devices.

One of the best precautions that you can take to protect you and your family is to invest in GFCI outlets.

GFCI Safety Outlet Installation by Certified Electricians in Dallas, TX

When you value your home safety and want to make your house as safe as possible, you get a certified electrician in Dallas to do your GFCI installations. This is important if you want the safety features in your GFCI plugs to work correctly.

Without the services of a professional electrical contractor, you could end up with faulty wiring which is one of the leading causes of home electrical fires. If you’re living in Dallas, and you are looking for a reliable electrical services company, then contact Baker Brothers.

Baker Brothers electricians can install and repair GFCI outlets in homes, offices, and businesses. Our electricians are certified, trained, and licensed. They are recognized for their high level of skill and are knowledgeable in their craft. They are courteous electricians that will treat your home with respect and leave you satisfied that the job was well done.

GFCI Outlet Repairs – The Professional Dallas Electrical Contractor

Each GFCI outlet comes with a test and a reset button. These buttons allow you to test your GFCI outlets, which you should do at least monthly for safety reasons. And to reset your outlet when it trips from protecting you from an electrical shock.

If your GFCI plug is not working in one of these areas, it may have been tripped to protect the circuit. Ensure that the problem has been resolved first, for example, that the items are dry. Then you should reset the plug or breaker. If this does not work, then Contact Baker Brothers for repairs.

If you need fast GFCI repairs and installations in Dallas, contact Baker Brothers. Our electricians will your repair GFCI outlets and GFCI breakers in your home or business.

Invest in your home safety by choosing the right electrical company for all your electrical needs, including GFCI installations and repairs. When you want to prevent electric shocks in areas where water might be present, then install GFCI outlets. And if you want this done right, then get a professional electrical contractor. And know that Baker Brothers is the Dallas experts in this area.

Schedule an electrical inspection or call us at 214-892-2225 for new GFCI outlets to be installed by Baker Brothers electricians.