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The Importance Of The Air Filter In Your Air Conditioning System

The key to keeping your air conditioning system functioning properly is to keep it well maintained at all times. The first task in proper A/C system maintenance is to ensure that the filter is always clean.

Your air conditioning system draws in warm air through the intake vents in your home, cools it, and then sends it back into your home through the system’s ducts. As the cooled air is propelled towards the ductwork by the fan, it passes through the filter to remove tiny dust particles and dirt. This process takes on even greater importance during the hay fever season of summer, when the filter can greatly reduce the amount of allergens in your home. Eventually, the filter can become covered with dirt and dust, inhibiting the proper circulation of air throughout your home. When that happens your A/C system may have to use as much as 15% more energy in order to adequately cool your home.

Replacing The Air Filter

For most homeowners, replacing the filter in your air conditioning system is a simple task. First, you must know what type and size of replacement filter you will need. In most systems, you will find the filter behind a removable panel on the indoor portion of the system. Baker Brothers carries a complete line of air conditioning filters, so you can be sure we will have the right one for your system. If you prefer to have a professional take care of the job, one of our service technicians will be pleased to replace your filter for you.

We recommend checking your filter approximately once a month to ensure it hasn’t become clogged with dust and dirt. The filter should be changed once every three months, or as soon as it appears to be covered in dust, whichever comes first. Attempting to clean a used filter using a vacuum cleaner or by rinsing it in water is not recommended as these are more likely to damage the filter or diminish its effectiveness, and may result in dust entering the duct work and traveling into your home.

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