Dallas Electrical Panel Installation & Replacement

Dallas Residential & Commercial Electric Panel Replacement

Electric Panel replacement is necessary for many homes and businesses in Dallas. And the reason is that it is an essential part of your building that must be kept in good working order.

As the equipment that distributes the electricity throughout your building, your electric panel is an essential part of your home or business. If it isn’t working properly, then you need to replace your electrical panel or risk damaging your equipment or even starting electrical fires in the home. Don’t take any risks with electricity, call Baker Brothers today at 214-892-2225 or request an electrician visit online »

Signs Your Breaker Box Needs an Upgrade

1. You are Still Using Fuses instead of Circuit Breakers

Both fuses and circuit breakers are used to prevent overloads in your home’s electrical system, however fuses are an outdated way to manage the flow of electrical currents and weren’t designed to manage the load requirements of newer homes and appliances. Plus, once a fuse blows, it has to be replaced leaving you without power for any part of your home. Also remember that some insurance companies will not cover homes that use fuses because of the potential fire risks.

Circuit breakers on the other hand simply have to be reset if there is a break in the electrical current. They are designed to be safer and they work more efficiently in protecting your home from electrical fires.Seeking the advice of a qualified Dallas electrician like Baker Brothers can give you peace of mind about your electrical panel.

2. Too Many Power Strips & Extension Cords

If you have a lot of power strips and extension cords in your home or office, you are at a higher risk for overloading your electrical system and even for fire. Upgrading your circuit breaker panel helps you to ensure that each circuit and plug is getting the required amount of power to keep your devices and home safe. (Also ask about our GFCI Installation or installing additional outlets).

3. New Appliance Installation

When installing larger appliances such as Refrigerators, Dryers & Washing machines or HVAC Systems, you should ensure that your electrical panel can manage the energy consumption needed by your new equipment. At Baker Brothers, our licensed electricians will help ensure that your electrical panel is up to the task.

4. Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is one of the main causes of residential fires in the U.S., so if you notice any of these issues, then it’s time to upgrade:

  • Flickering lights
  • Slight shock when you touch an appliance
  • Sparking when you plug in an appliance or device
  • Discolored, or burnt-looking, power outlets

Peace of Mind

Reliable Electrician Services from Baker BrothersConsidering the long-term safety and value of your home, a properly working and inspected electrical panel will leave you worrying less about electrical safety and enjoying more time with friends and family. At Baker Brothers we want you to be safe and happy.

Our electrical contractors are ready and waiting to help you upgrade your electrical panel and enjoy a safer home or business, so call us today at 214-892-2225 or schedule an appointment with one of our licensed Dallas area electricians online.