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Ceiling fans enhance the décor of your home and help make it more comfortable. But it requires an electrician’s help to make sure that a ceiling fan installation is done correctly and safely. If you’re looking for ceiling fan installation services near you, then contact Baker Brothers at 214-892-2225 or schedule your installation online today. Our electricians install ceiling fans for homes and businesses across Dallas.

Our expert electricians make it simple and easy for you to have a new ceiling fan installed without any worries to you. No need to fear you might damage the fan during installation or that you’ll fall from a ladder while doing the job. Instead, have professional electrical contractors who are licensed, insured, and bonded make it easier for you.

Our ceiling fan installations are affordable, so if you’re looking for a ceiling fan installer near you, then look to Baker Brothers Dallas.

Ceiling Fan Benefits & Uses

There are many benefits for you and your home in installing a ceiling fan in your home or office. Here are just a few of them.

Energy Savings

Using a ceiling fan in the summer or winter can help to reduce your energy bills. You can turn your thermostat up or down a few degrees so that your HVAC doesn’t need as much power. The ceiling fan then circulates the air to cool the space in summer or disperse the warm air in winter.

Indoor and Outdoor Comfort

Ceiling fans make your rooms and outdoors more comfortable. Indoors, it circulates the air for better cooling or warmth and outdoors they can help move air around your patio or deck space.

Lighting and Ceiling Fan Installation

Today, many of our ceiling fan options are combined with lighting. So, you can utilize your space better by creating the ambiance you want, and be comfortable at the same time. Our technicians can also perform ceiling fan upgrades to add lights to your existing fans.


Ceiling fans add a decorative element to your home. With fans that carry multiple lighting elements, or stylized designs, you can enhance the look and feel of a room with a stylish new ceiling fan.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for your Rooms

Before you go ahead and make that purchase, make sure you are getting the right ceiling fan for your space:

Choose a ceiling fan that doesn’t just look good, but also performs well and has all of the features you want. For example, the size of a room determines the size of the fan you should buy. Otherwise, you will not get the best use of the fan for that room.

A small room of about 80 sq.ft. requires no more than a 30-inch ceiling fan. For a mid-size room of 144 sq.ft. (12ft x 12ft), we recommend a 42-inch ceiling fan. If the room is much larger at more than 300 sq.ft. (18ft x 20ft), then we recommend a 52-inch ceiling fan.

Use a Certified Electrician to Install Your Ceiling Fan

You should only use the services of a certified electrician to install a ceiling fan. First of all, they can determine if your home’s power supply is adequate. Secondly, they will check to see that you have the proper wiring that can supply the required voltage for the fan. This will prevent any power surge problems after installation.

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Work with a Baker Brothers electrician and select the right ceiling fan for your home or business and get it professionally installed. We provide expert ceiling fan installation services in Dallas just for you, our valued customers. Call us today at 214-892-2225 or schedule your ceiling fan installation online »

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