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AC Repair Company

HVAC units are always working hard in Carrollton. This means that they could break down at unexpected times. We only hire the best HVAC technicians in Carrollton that can repair your unit quickly and efficiently. Heating and cooling tend to be your largest energy expenses and could be up to 48% of your energy usage. The less efficient your AC unit is, the higher your monthly energy bills will be. Ignoring the repairs your home needs, it can end up costing you a lot in the long run. 

Baker Brothers offers the HVAC services below and much more!

Annual HVAC System Tune-Ups 

HVAC systems that get a Tune-Up/inspection every year are much more likely to have a long lifespan and not break down unexpectedly. During these inspections, technicians look for any issues that could become major and expensive. The technician will let you know what your best course of action will be. At Baker Brothers, we have our Family Plan Membership that gives members an annual inspection before the winter, and one before the summer. The Family Plan Membership also offers other benefits such as up to 15% off parts and labor and priority scheduling. Contact Baker Brothers for more information about our Family Plan Membership or annual inspections today.

Heater/Furnace Company in Carrollton

We don’t use our heaters all throughout the year in Carrollton. But no one wants to be without it when we need it. Our technicians and installers are the best in the industry at repairing or installing electric or gas heaters. The Baker Brothers Family Plan Membership offers annual maintenance on your furnace to make sure it is in the best shape it can be in for the winter. Heater installation and most repairs are not typical DIY kind of project. These issues and installations can become very complex and it’s best if they’re handled by professionals with training and experience. For any heater/furnace services, call Baker Brothers and schedule a licensed and trained HVAC technician for your heater/furnace repair or installation.

New Air Conditioning Systems

Some major HVAC unit repairs can be very expensive and sometimes it can be a better idea to upgrade your system entirely. If you’ve experienced your unit consistently breaking down for one reason or another, then we would probably recommend looking into a new system. New and efficient AC units save you money by not needing consistent repairs and by lowering your energy bills. We have highly trained and experienced HVAC technicians and installers to install the perfect AC system for your home. Our technicians will ensure your new HVAC system is running at maximum efficiency and has a long lifespan.

Attic Insulation Services

Many homeowners are unaware of just how valuable attic insulation is to their home. Good attic insulation keeps your home stay warmer when it’s cold outside and cooler when it’s hot outside. This means your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep your home at the temperature you want. You save money on your monthly energy bills when your HVAC system doesn’t need to work as hard. There are signs you may have noticed that suggest your home needs new attic insulation. Numerous temperature changes during the day, wet insulation, indoor drafts, and oddly high energy bills. Attic insulation installation is not a typical DIY job and we do not recommend letting a technician who is not trained install attic insulation. Don’t take a chance, hire the best certified and licensed HVAC technicians for your new attic insulation.

Air Duct Cleaning and Installation

While homeowners take care of their HVAC system, they can forget their air ducts also need to be clean and taken care of. Dirty air ducts will significantly lower the energy efficiency of your unit and air quality inside your home. Dirty air ducts are contaminated with mold, bacteria, and fungi that block air from flowing freely through your home’s ventilation system. Blockages make your system use more energy when it’s working. The harder your system is working, the higher your energy bills will be. Cleaning your air ducts can improve your home’s energy efficiency, and give it improved indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning sometimes isn’t enough to fix all the issues with your air ducts. Your air ducts might need replacement. You most likely need replacement if your plastic air ducts have ever had mold. The majority of times, mold can be completely removed from metal air ducts but not plastic air ducts. Hire Baker Brothers for your air duct cleaning or installation. Baker Brothers is a certified and licensed HVAC company with the best technicians for your air duct cleaning and installation.

AC Filter Replacement

Changing out your AC filter is an important step you need to take to properly care for your home’s AC system. Your AC filter’s job is to eliminate allergens, dirt, and dust from the air. After three months, air filters are going to be covered in dust and dirt. Dirty air filters cause bad air circulation and indoor air quality. Bad air circulation causes your AC unit to work harder and be less energy efficient and that raises your monthly energy bills.

Many homeowners replace their own A/C filter. This is fine as long as you are sure you are using the right type and size filter you need. We recommend changing out your air filters once every 3 months. We stock many different air filters and are always here to help you with changing out your filters if you would like any help.

Heat Pump Installation

Homeowners can experience many benefits from having a heat pump in their homes. A heat pump is an internal heating and cooling device. It’s able to cool your home by pulling hot air out of it or heat it by pulling heat from the ground or air. Heat pumps offer energy efficient options and can be installed as add-ons to your home’s HVAC unit, or as standalone devices. When you properly care for your heat pump, you have peace of mind that you will have heating and cooling you can rely on. A reputable HVAC service company should offer professional residential heat pump services.

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