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New Air Conditioner Installation and Repairs

Upgrade your old AC unit with an energy efficient system that can keep you cool while keeping your energy costs low. If you want to ensure that you get the best value for your investment in a new AC contact Baker Brothers. We work with clients across Flower Mound, Texas who continuously enjoy the superior services offered by Baker Brothers. Our qualified AC technicians are skilled at installing new ACs whether split units, central systems, or as part of a larger HVAC project. Our technicians provide expert installation and configuration service and our warranties ensure that you get the best not only from your AC but also our workmanship. Contact Baker Brothers to install your new AC system to beat the heat.

You Need to Replace Your AC Filters

A dirty AC filter could be the cause of your system malfunctioning or working below the desired efficiency. Your AC filters are designed to remove dust, dirt, and allergens while cooling the air in your home. If you have not changed your AC filter in the last three months, then it is most likely filled with dust and affecting the energy efficiency of your AC unit. We recommend replacing your AC filters at least every 3 months and we stock a variety of air filters that will fit your AC model. Changing out an AC filter is relatively easy once you know what you are doing. But, if you need assistance with replacing your AC air filters, our technicians at Baker Brothers would be happy to help.

Flower Mound AC Coil Cleaning and Repairs

Cleaning your evaporator coils can be a messy job. But we are more than up to the task. DIY coil cleaning can damage your AC if you do not know what you are doing. If you are uncomfortable attempting to clean your AC coils yourself, then seek help from a professional HVAC team. Baker Brothers offers complete coil cleaning services for residential customers in Flower Mound. Our trained AC technicians will quickly get rid of the dust, dirt, and grime affecting the efficiency of your cooling system and get you back to your ideal indoor air temperature.

Air Conditioner Repair by Baker BrothersHeating Repair & Maintenance

A malfunctioning air condition unit will not only leave you uncomfortable in the heat, but also cost you more money in energy bills. When your AC isn’t working properly it increases your energy usage. Plus, the longer you wait to have the AC unit repaired the more parts may need to be replaced or you might end up having to replace the entire unit. If your AC is not cooling the way it should, then contact Baker Brothers for our service technicians to take a look. They are equipped to handle any major, and minor, AC brands. And if it cannot be repaired, they will help you identify a suitable replacement and install it for you.

Heating and Cooling Inspection and MaintenanceHeat Pump Services

Regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to keep your HVAC system trouble free and working at peak efficiency. Pre-season preventative maintenance is an important step to prepare for the seasons ahead. And it ensures that you and your family are not left without a functioning HVAC system when you need it most. Whether in preparation for summer or winter, have your Air Conditioner or heating system serviced by a professional technician. With Baker Brothers HVAC technicians in Flower Mound, you enjoy indoor comfort at affordable prices and the extended life of your HVAC unit.

Heating Maintenance, Repair, & Installation

Did you know that a dirty furnace can lead to health problems as well as low heating? With regular maintenance of your furnace, you save money by preventing expensive repairs later down the road and extend the life of your furnace. And you will also improve your indoor air quality and your health. The professional technicians at Baker Brothers provides reliable heating maintenance, repair, and installation services for residents in Flower Mound. With us, you can save on labor and parts if you join our Family Plan which guarantees an annual inspection. Keep your furnace running efficiently with Baker Brothers quality furnace repairs and maintenance. And when you do need to replace, we will install a new heating system for you in no time.

Attic Insulation Installation Services

If you are in the process of renovating or replacing your roof, you need proper attic insulation services. Or, if you are feeling indoor drafts and unusually high energy bills, it could be that your attic insulation is in dire need of repairs or replacement. Baker Brothers offers complete attic insulation services that helps to maintain the right indoor temperature and lower your energy bills. If you aren’t sure that your attic insulation is as it should be, contact Baker Brothers to do an assessment. If there is need to replace or repair your attic insulation, our reliable and certified technicians are up to the task to keep you either warm or cool, depending on the season.

Installing New Ductwork in Your Home

Likewise with installing new attic insulation, you can improve your cooling efficiency with new air ducts in your home or office. Your old ducts may be costing you money and affecting your health. And simple repairs may not be the answer to your problems as they have reached their useful life cycle. We recommend replacement especially if you have plastic ducts and you had a mold problem. Baker Brothers HVAC technicians will help you improve your home comfort and indoor air quality with superior air duct installations. We can help you replace your old, worn, leaky ductwork system to a more robust and highly durable HVAC duct. Contact Baker Brothers for us to discuss how best to replace your old ducts to improve your indoor comfort.

Professionally Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Baker Brothers is a top rate Home Advisor and Better Business Bureau air duct cleaning company. We clean, repair, and install new ductwork for homeowners across Flower Mound. If you haven’t had your air ducts professionally cleaned there may be some nasty surprises awaiting you in your system. And they could already be affecting your health. As a professional air duct cleaning service, we have the necessary resources to get to areas of the ducts that you can’t reach. We are also able to seal any area that we may need to open for a thorough cleaning. Get your air ducts professionally serviced by the HVAC and Air duct experts at Baker Brothers.

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