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Looking for the best, licensed HVAC Contractor in Dallas? Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning is licensed, insured and offers any HVAC Repair, Replacement and AC installation services you need for your home.

Heating & Cooling Services

AC Repair in Dallas, TX

If you’re experiencing any issues with your AC Unit in Dallas, Baker Brothers is the company to call. We hire only the best HVAC technicians in Dallas to get your home’s AC unit working properly again. At Baker Brothers, our priority is delivering superior customer service. We are a trusted service company with years of experience that services the entire DFW area. Get your AC issues fixed as quickly as possible. Putting those issues on hold can end up being very costly. Call Baker Brothers today to schedule your appointment!

Dallas Annual HVAC Inspections

Your AC unit is much more likely to have a long lifespan if you have a certified HVAC technician perform an annual tune-up. During annual inspections, technicians look for any small issues and let you know your options for repair before they turn into much more significant issues. Your technician will also give you preventative maintenance advice and tips that will keep your unit operating at peak efficiency for many years. Here at Baker Brothers, we have our Family Plan Membership that includes an annual inspection for your AC and another for your heating. With our Family Plan, you’ll also receive up to 15% off parts and labor as well as front-of-the-line scheduling. Call us today and ask one of our friendly customer service representatives about Annual HVAC inspections and our Family Plan today.

Furnace Repair in Dallas

Dallas residents don’t use their furnace every day with the way the weather is throughout the year in Dallas. However, we need to make sure it is working during the winter. The licensed and trained technicians at Baker Brothers know just how to get your furnace ready for the winter. Whether your furnace needs repair or replacement, Baker Brothers can help. The Baker Brothers Family Plan Membership is the best way of getting preventative maintenance to avoid any future issues with your furnace. Call Baker Brothers to schedule the best HVAC technicians and installers in the business and make sure your home stays warm in Dallas.

AC Unit InstallationHeating Installation & Replacement

If you’re facing a major HVAC unit repair, it could be in your best interest to purchase a new unit. Many customers are hesitant about installing a new unit because they feel repairs are most cost efficient. However, many homeowners don’t know that a new AC unit can save you more money than a repair in the long run. New units save homeowners money because they don’t have to make consistent repairs. New HVAC systems are also much more efficient which saves you money on your monthly energy bills. Our HVAC technicians will help you find the perfect HVAC unit for your home. We ensure that your system is installed correctly so it will last you many years operating at maximum efficiency and save you money.

Attic Insulation in Dallas

Many homeowners don’t know why their attic insulation is so valuable. Good attic insulation can decrease your monthly energy bills by maintaining your home at a consistently comfortable temperature. This means your HVAC system won’t need to use as much energy to do its job. If your HVAC system doesn’t need to exert a high amount of energy to function, your monthly energy bills will decrease! There are certain signs you may have seen that signify your home needs new attic insulation. These signs can be frequent changes in indoor temperature, wet insulation, indoor drafts, and unusually high monthly energy bills. Call Baker Brothers to schedule one of the best HVAC technicians in Dallas for your home’s attic insulation services.

Dallas Air Duct Cleaning

With all the other HVAC maintenance homeowners need to remember to do, you could forget about your home’s air ducts. However, when homeowners forget about their air ducts they get dirty and significantly reduce the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and the air quality inside your home. Dirty air ducts are usually contaminated with mold, bacteria, and fungi that prevent air from easily flowing through your home’s ventilation system. If air isn’t flowing freely, your ventilation system will use more energy to do its job. The more energy it uses, your energy bills will be more expensive. Get your air ducts cleaned today with Baker Brothers.

Air Duct Installation Dallas

Unfortunately, air duct cleaning won’t always eliminate all the issues with your air ducts. There are certain cases in which homes need new air ducts. Baker Brothers recommends air duct installation if you have plastic air ducts get infested with mold. In most cases, mold can be completely removed from metal ducts but not plastic ducts. It is also recommended to get new air ducts if yours are more than 50 years old. You can count on Baker Brothers, a reputable and experienced company that employs only the best technicians for your air ducts installation.

Heat Pump Installations in DallasHeat Pump Services

A heat pump is a very energy efficient heating option for your home. Heat pumps use refrigerant liquid to draw heat energy from the ambient outside air and transfer it indoors to provide comfortable warmth for your home. Since there is always heat energy to be found in the air, heat pumps can easily keep your home comfortable and warm even on the coldest Texas night.

Heat pumps are a far more energy efficient option than traditional heating solutions since they do not burn fuel to generate heat. Furthermore, the process of heat transfer from the outside to inside can be reversed during the summer months, thus drawing the heat from inside your home and moving it outdoors. This provides a cool comfortable environment and eliminates the need for an A/C system.

Count on the friendly professionals at Baker Brothers for AC Repair Dallas. Call us today at 214-892-2225 to schedule an appointment.