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Rockwall Air Conditioning and Heating Company | Heater & AC Repair, Maintenance, & Installation

When you need quality air conditioning and heating services in Rockwall, Texas there is only one place to call – Baker Brothers. We are a certified HVAC contractor with skilled technicians, and superior parts and service for all your air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance needs.

Find out what other local residents and business owners already know. The best Rockwall A/C and heating repair and installation professionals are at 214-892-2225.

HVAC Service in Rockwall

Heating and cooling can be your greatest energy expenses and can be up to 48% of your energy usage. The less productive your air conditioner system is, the greater your monthly energy bills will be. Disregarding the maintenance that your home requires will eventually cost you a fortune down the line. That’s why you need to work with a licensed AC repair and maintenance company in Rockwall, TX.

Your home or business HVAC systems are constantly at work for your comfort and productivity. This means that they could eventually fail at the most inconvenient times. Should this happen, you need to have a quality Rockwall HVAC repair company to help you get back on track quickly. You also need a dependable company for ongoing maintenance and repairs and even new installations.

You can get all this and more at Baker Brothers in Rockwall, Texas. We exclusively hire only the elite HVAC technicians in Rockwall that can assess and diagnose your AC problems and repair your unit in a quick and efficient manner.

Annual HVAC Inspections

HVAC systems that receive a Tune-Up are much more likely to have a longer lifespan and not fail you at unexpected times. Within these inspections, technicians look out for any problems that could become worse and costly. The technician will then inform you what your best plan of action will be for you and your home after the inspection is complete.

At Baker Brothers, we have our Family Plan Membership that gives members a yearly inspection prior to the winter, and one prior to summer. The Family Plan Membership also includes other incentives such as up to 15% off parts and labor along with priority scheduling. But, you can still schedule your annual HVAC inspections even if you’re not on the Plan.

Call us today for more information about the Family Plan Membership or to schedule a yearly checkup today.

AC Repair Rockwall Texas | 24-Hour Emergency AC Repairs

When your air conditioner stops working and you need fast repairs, contact Baker Brothers. Our 24-hour emergency repair service is available for homes and businesses across Rockwall. We know how quick action can be of help in the sweltering Texas heat. So, no matter if it’s day or night, our HVAC technicians will take care of your A/C repairs in Rockwall for you.

We are your air conditioning and heating specialists for all AC related problems. Let the experts help you improve your internal temperature and keep your AC unit working for longer with quality air conditioning repair. Contact Baker Brothers as soon as you have an issue so you can get fast and effective AC repairs in Rockwall, TX.

Furnace/Heater Repair and Installation

Our furnaces aren’t fully in use throughout the year in Rockwall. However, nobody wants to be without it when it’s cold. If it breaks down when you least expect it, then contact Baker Brothers for fast heater repairs.

If your heater needs to be replaced, then we can help you with that as well. Heater installation, among other repairs, is not a typical “Do It Yourself” kind of project. Problems dealing with installations can become complicated and it’s best if they’re attended to by an expert with adequate training and experience.

Our technicians and installers are the best of the best in the industry at repairing or installing electric or gas heaters. Our Baker Brothers Family Plan Membership offers yearly maintenance on your furnace to ensure it’s in the best condition possible for the winter months. For any heater/furnace services, contact Baker Brothers to book one of the best HVAC professionals in the area.

Air Conditioning Installation

In some cases, HVAC system repairs can be very costly. If this is the case, then it is a wise choice to upgrade your system altogether. If you’ve experienced your system constantly breaking down due to one failure or another, then we would highly insist that you look at installing a new air conditioning unit.

New and efficient air conditioning units are cost-effective investments into cooling your home. Your new system will not need constant repairs, only routine maintenance to ensure that the unit meets its lifetime warranty. Plus, by investing in an energy-efficient AC unit, you can lower your energy bills.

At Baker Brothers, we offer skilled and professional HVAC technicians to install the right AC system for your household. Our technicians will ensure that the size of the system is suitable for the intended use. When their installation process is through, they will make sure that your new HVAC system is running at maximum efficiency and installed properly to last a long time.

Schedule your air conditioning replacement with the HVAC experts in Rockwall. Contact Baker Brothers today at 214-892-2225.

Attic Insulation in Rockwall

Many homeowners are not aware of just how beneficial attic insulation is to their household. Efficient attic insulation ensures your home will stay warmer when it’s cold outside and cooler when it’s hot outside. This ensures that your HVAC unit will not have to perform as hard to keep your household at the temperature you desire. You will save money on your monthly energy bills when your HVAC system is not having to work as hard.

There are warning signs you may have observed that suggest your home is in need of new attic insulation. These may include various temperature changes throughout the day, wet insulation, indoor drafts, and high energy bills. When these are happening consistently, and you have tuned your HVAC system, it means the problems are external to your HVAC. And that’s when you need to check your attic insulation. A lot of heating and cooling are lost through damaged insulation or insulation that was not done properly.

Installation of attic insulation is not a typical job that a homeowner should do themselves and we do not recommend letting an inexperienced technician install your attic insulation. This is just not an area to take a chance within your home.

Make sure to hire the best certified and licensed HVAC technicians for your new attic insulation. Contact Baker Brothers in Rockwall for fast and effective attic insulation to improve your indoor comfort, enhance your HVAC performance, and reduce your energy costs.

Air Duct Company in Rockwall

While homeowners maintain their HVAC system, it is possible to forget that their air ducts also need to be cared for. Cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis improves performance and health. A badly damaged air duct needs to be repaired or replaced to prevent temperature loss and other problems.

Hire Baker Brothers for your air duct cleaning and or installation needs. Baker Brothers is a certified and licensed HVAC service company with the best technicians for your air duct cleaning or installation.

Air Duct Cleaning

Filthy air ducts will exponentially decrease the energy efficiency of your system and air quality inside your home. Dirty air ducts can be infested with mold, bacteria, and fungi that can block air from moving freely through your home’s ventilation system. Blockages of this sort will make your system use more energy when it’s trying to cool or warm up your building.

The harder your system has to work, the higher your energy bills are going to be. By ensuring that you have clean air ducts, you will improve your home’s energy efficiency and improve your indoor air quality.

Contact Baker Brothers to get your air ducts cleaned properly. Our HVAC technicians can handle any part of your HVAC system and so cleaning your air duct will not be a problem for them. And if they encounter any issues such as broken seals in the ductwork, they can repair it as well.

Air Duct Repairs & Air Duct Installation

While having clean air ducts is essential for efficiency and health, just having clean air ducts won’t fix all the issues. Sometimes you might need repairs to fix loose sealing or damaged ductwork.

And, in some cases, your air ducts might need to be replaced altogether. You will likely want to replace your ductwork in the event your plastic air ducts have ever had mold. In most instances, mold can be removed completely from metal air ducts. However, this is not the case for plastic air ducts which cannot be completely cleaned of mold.

If you need air duct repairs or air duct replacement, contact Baker Brothers. Our expert HVAC technicians will ensure that your new ductwork or the repairs are done to the highest standards possible for your comfort and satisfaction.

Contact us at 214-892-2225 to schedule your next ductwork service in Richardson, TX.

AC Filter Replacement

Replace your air conditioning filters for optimal health and energy use.

Replacing your AC filter is an essential step you must take to properly maintain your home’s AC system. Your AC filter’s main function is to eliminate allergens, dirt, and dust from the air. After three months, air filters are going to be covered in dirt and bacteria that can be harmful. Filthy air filters create poor air circulation and indoor air quality. Inadequate air circulation causes your AC unit to work harder than it needs to and be less energy efficient, ultimately resulting to even costlier monthly energy bills.

Many homeowners take it upon themselves to replace their own A/C filter. This is perfectly fine as long as the correct type and size filters are being used. We strongly recommend changing out your air filters once every 3 months. We provide a variety of air conditioning filters and are always here to provide you with assistance in changing your air filters.

Thermostat Installation

Finding the right thermostat to complement your HVAC system is important. Not only will this help you to manage your indoor temperature, but depending on the type of thermostat, you could also be saving on your energy costs.

This is especially easy with a programmable thermostat. These thermostats are designed to help homeowners take control of their energy use in a more effective manner to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. With a programmable thermostat, you can set different temperatures for when you are home or away. This scheduling feature of programmable thermostats allows you to raise the temperature if you are not home to reduce cost and then set it to a more comfortable temperature when you would be home.

Heat Pump Installation

Homeowners experience many benefits from installing a heat pump in their households. The heat pump is an internal heating and cooling device. It’s designed to cool your home by taking the hot air out of the household or heat it by extracting heat from the ground or air. Heat pumps offer a variety of energy-efficient options and can be installed as add-ons to your HVAC system, or as standalone devices. When you properly maintain your heat pump, you have the peace of mind that you have the heating and cooling your home needs.

A reputable HVAC service company should offer heat pump services for your home. And you can get this service from Baker Brothers.

When you need an HVAC expert in your Rockwall home, call 214-892-2225 to schedule an appointment. We are the A/C and heating repair, maintenance and installation professionals.

  • Background Checked & Drug Tested
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