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HVAC Service in Rockwall

HVAC systems are constantly operating in Rockwall. This means that they could eventually fail at the most inconvenient times. We exclusively hire only the elite HVAC technicians in Rockwall that can access and repair your unit in a quick and efficient manner. Heating and cooling can be your greatest energy expenses and can be up to 48% of your energy usage. The less productive your AC system is, the greater your monthly energy bills will be. Disregarding the maintenance your home requires, will eventually cost you a fortune down the line.

Baker Brothers offers the following HVAC services along with other serviceability

Annual HVAC Inspections

HVAC systems that receive a Tune-Up are much more likely to have a longer lifespan and not fail you at unexpected times. Within these inspections, technicians seek out any problems that could become extreme and costly. The technician will inform you what your best plan of action will be for you and your home. At Baker Brothers, we have our Family Plan Membership that gives members a yearly inspection prior to the winter, and one prior to summer. The Family Plan Membership also includes other incentives such as up to 15% off parts and labor along with priority scheduling. Call us today for more information about the Family Plan Membership or yearly checkups today.

Heater/Furnace Repair and Installation

Our furnaces aren’t fully in use throughout the year in Rockwall. However, nobody wants to be without it when it’s cold. Our technicians and installers are the best of the best in the industry at improving or installing electric or gas heaters. Our Baker Brothers Family Plan Membership offers yearly maintenance on your furnace to ensure it’s in the most outstanding condition it can be in for the winter months. Heater installation, among other repairs, is not a typical “Do It Yourself” kind of project. Problems dealing with installations can become complicated and it’s best if they’re attended to by an expert with adequate training and experience. For any heater/furnace services, contact Baker Brothers to book one of the best HVAC professionals in the area.

Air Conditioning Installation

In some cases, HVAC system repairs can be very costly, making it a wise choice to upgrade your system altogether. If you’ve experienced your system constantly breaking down due to one failure or another, then we would highly insist looking into a newer unit. New and efficient AC units are cost-effective by not always being in need of constant repairs and by lowering your energy bills. We offer skilled and professional HVAC technicians and installers to install an adequate AC system for your household. Our technicians will ensure you that your new HVAC system is running at maximum efficiency and has a long lifespan.

Attic Insulation in Rockwall

Many homeowners are not aware of just how beneficial attic insulation is to their household. Efficient attic insulation ensures your home will stay warmer when it’s cold outside and cooler when it’s hot outside. This entails that your HVAC unit will not have to perform as hard to keep your household at the climate you desire. You will save money on your monthly energy bills when your HVAC system is not having to work as hard. There are warning signs you may have observed that suggest your home is requiring new attic insulation. These may include various temperature changes throughout the day, wet insulation, indoor drafts, and high energy bills. Attic insulation installation is not a typical job that a homeowner should do themselves and we do not recommend letting an inexperienced technician install your attic insulation. Why take a chance on your home? Hire the best certified and licensed HVAC technicians for your new attic insulation.

Air Duct Company in Rockwall

While homeowners maintain their HVAC system, it is possible to forget that their air ducts also need to be cared for. Filthy air ducts will exponentially decrease the energy efficiency of your system and air quality inside your home. Dirty air ducts can be infested with mold, bacteria, and fungi that can block air from moving freely through your home’s ventilation system. Blockages of this sort will make your system use more energy when it’s performing. The harder your system is having to work, the higher your energy bills are going to be. Ensuring that having clean air ducts will improve your home’s energy efficiency, and give it the improved indoor air quality it needs. However, just having clean air ducts won’t ensure to fix all the issues with your air ducts. In some cases, your air ducts might need to be replaced altogether. You will likely want to replace, in the event your plastic air ducts have ever had mold. More times than none, mold can be removed completely from metal air ducts, however, this is not the case for plastic air ducts. Hire Baker Brothers for your air duct cleaning and or installation needs. Baker Brothers is a certified and licensed HVAC service company with the best technicians for your air duct cleaning or installation.

AC Filter Replacement

Replacing your AC filter is an essential step you must take to properly maintain your home’s AC system. Your AC filter’s main function is to eliminate allergens, dirt, and dust from the air. After three months, air filters are going to be covered in dirt and bacteria that can be harmful. Filthy air filters create poor air circulation and indoor air quality. Inadequate air circulation causes your AC unit to work harder than it needs to and be less energy efficient, ultimately resulting to even costlier monthly energy bills.

Many homeowners take it upon themselves to replace their own A/C filter. This is perfectly fine as long as the correct type and size filters are being used. We strongly recommend changing out your air filters once every 3 months. We provide a variety of air filters and are always here to provide you with assistance in changing your air filters.

Heat Pump Installation

Homeowners experience many benefits from installing a heat pump in their households. The heat pump is an internal heating and cooling device. It’s designed to cool your home by taking the hot air out of the household or heat it by extracting heat from the ground or air. Heat pumps offer a variety of energy-efficient options and can be installed as add-ons to your HVAC system, or as standalone devices. When you properly maintain your heat pump, you have the peace of mind that you have the heating and cooling your home needs. A reputable HVAC service company should offer heat pump services for your home.

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