Allen TX AC Repair & Installation

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Heating & Cooling Services

HVAC Inspection and Annual HVAC Maintenance Services

Annual maintenance of your heating and cooling systems are a necessary preventative measure. This annual servicing ensures that your HVAC system continues to work efficiently. It allows your technicians to spot minor issues before they escalate into major problems. And regular maintenance extends the life of your system. With Baker Brothers as your HVAC specialists, you can access all these great benefits plus more. If you are on our Baker Brothers Family Plan Membership, this includes an annual inspection of your HVAC system as well as discounts on labor and parts. Don’t be caught unprepared for the summer heat or winter freeze. Have your heating and cooling systems inspected annually by Baker Brothers to ensure you will always be comfy indoors.

Dirty AC Filters Costing You Money?

Dirty AC filters tend to be blocked by all the dirt, allergens, and debris that it filters out of the air while working to keep you comfortable. But once your vents get blocked because of dirty filters, your AC has to work even harder to maintain a comfortable room temperature. When your AC works harder than necessary it means higher energy costs. Changing out your AC filter can improve your efficiency anywhere between 5% and 15%. And that is savings in your pocket not to mention better indoor comfort from improved air circulation. Baker Brothers stocks a variety of air filters that can help you to regularly change your filters as needed. And If you need help with changing out your filters, we are only a telephone call away.

Evaporator Maintenance | AC Coil Cleaning

Just like the air filter will affect the efficiency of your AC unit, so too can dirty condenser coils affect your HVAC performance. When dust and grime cover your evaporator coils, it is difficult for the refrigerant to release the heat it has picked up in your home as part of the cooling process. This means uncomfortable temperatures indoors for you and your family. Let the certified technicians at Baker Brothers get you ready for summer with expert coil cleaning services and evaporator maintenance.

Replace your old system with a new energy efficient HVAC

Beat the heat with Baker Brothers AC installation service. Whether your AC is old and needs replacement or you just want to upgrade to a more efficient model, our certified technicians are ready to get your system up and running. Old AC units could be costing you thousands of dollars on your energy bills each year. They aren’t as efficient as newer models and they work harder to keep your space cool. And especially if you have to constantly be fixing them, then you need a new system. If you want to discuss options for a new AC unit or central cooling system, contact Baker Brothers. We’ll go through your options and find the best solution for your specific needs.

Air Conditioning Repairs in Allenair conditioning company

Nothing is worse than trying to beat the summer heat and humidity with a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. But you don’t have to suffer in the sweltering heat. If your AC is not working properly or has stopped working altogether, contact Baker Brothers. We have highly qualified and well-trained air condition repair technicians ready to help you. They can repair any brand AC unit you have installed. And residents and business owners in Allen trust them to continuously keep their AC units working longer and more efficiently. Contact Baker Brothers today and enjoy quality indoor comfort from the company that knows best how to keep you cool.

Heater Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Stay warm and enjoy the winter season. Baker Brothers offers reliable heating systems installations and repairs in Allen. Our certified technicians are experienced heater installers and can repair and maintain your furnace in peak condition. The trained technicians at Baker Brothers work on both gas and electric furnaces. So, whether you need emergency repairs or a new heating system installed, we are the company to call for reliable and efficient service in Allen. We offer custom financing plans to help you buy a new heater. And as a member of our Family Plan, you can enjoy annual inspections of your heater to make sure that it is in fine working condition.

Heater Options for your Allen Home

When the time comes to replace your old furnace in Allen, TX, place your trust in the experts at Baker Brothers. We will deliver all of the expertise, know-how and quality workmanship you need.

When choosing a new furnace, there are a few options to consider.

Electric furnaces: With the least expensive price tag, electric furnaces are often a popular choice with cost-conscious homeowners. It’s important to note, however, that since electricity is more expensive than natural gas, the monthly operating costs of an electric furnace are higher. The savings initially enjoyed may disappear in the long-term.

Gas furnaces: More costly than their electric counterparts, gas furnaces offer savings in their operating costs. They also can be more energy efficient.

Heat pumps can be great alternatives to traditional furnaces. Contact Baker Brothers to discuss your options today.

Comprehensive Attic Insulation Services in Allen

Whether you realize it or not, your home is constantly losing energy, especially if your attic is poorly insulated. And with poor attic insulation also comes poor indoor air quality. With Baker Brothers Attic Insulation Services, you will see the difference in your monthly energy bills once we are through. Not only will our insulation services add value to your home, but it increases your energy efficiency and drastically improves your indoor air comfort. No longer do you have to contend with frequent temperature changes and or indoor drafts. Contact Baker Brothers and let us assess your attic needs to see if you need to upgrade your insulation.

Air Duct Cleaning and Repairs

We understand the importance of having clean air indoors. It lessens the likelihood of respiratory problems and improves your comfort. Your air ducts may be the primary cause of poor indoor air quality if you are suffering from allergies and other respiratory problems. Getting your air ducts professionally cleaned is the best choice to start improving your indoor comfort. If you have not had your ducts professionally cleaned in a long time, it means they are likely blocked by debris, fungi, and even mold. This is especially the case if you do not realize that there are unsealed vents and cracks along the ductwork. Contact Baker Brothers for a thorough cleaning and inspection to make sure your ducts are in the best condition possible.

New Air Ducts for Your Allen Home

Baker Brothers provides professional air duct installation for residents throughout Allen. If you have had a mold problem and use plastic ducts which cannot be fully cleared of mold, or if your ductwork is more than 50 years, you need a replacement. If you have not been maintaining and cleaning your ducts at least on an annual basis then, the level of wear and tear may also require that the system is replaced. For superior workmanship for ductwork replacement, Baker Brothers is among the best in Allen. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation on replacing your HVAC ducts.

Pipe Lining Services

For any of the heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance or installation needs in your Allen home, you can count on the experienced professionals at Baker Brothers. You can reach us at 214-324-8811 24 hours a day, seven days a week.