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Air Conditioning Repairs

If your AC unit stops cooling your home in Fort Worth, Baker Brothers can be there to get it up and running again. We have highly trained and experienced air conditioning repair technicians in Fort Worth that are able to work on all major brands of HVAC equipment. Whether you need to replace your system or make minor repairs, we can help. Heating and cooling are generally the largest expenses in an American household and could be up to 48% of your energy usage. If your AC unit is not working properly, it increases the likelihood of your energy costs being high. Not making necessary repairs can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Below is a list of some of the HVAC services Baker Brothers offers:

Annual HVAC Inspections Maintain Your HVAC System at Peak Efficiency

Having annual AC tune-ups increases the longevity of your AC unit and ensures it won’t stop working when you and your family need it the most. During annual inspections, a technician can spot small issues and fix them before they become major and costly. Preventative maintenance can help your AC unit work at or near max efficiency and save you thousands of dollars on future repairs. Preventative maintenance also extends the lifespan of your home’s air conditioning system.  You can get this yearly inspection with the Baker Brother Family Plan Membership. This plan also offers up to 15% off parts and labor as well as priority scheduling. Give Baker Brothers a call today for your AC unit inspection.

Furnace/Heater Repair in Fort Worth, TX

We don’t always need our heater throughout the year in Fort Worth. But it’s important to make sure it’s working when we need it. Baker Brothers has certified professionals in Fort Worth that specialize in repairing your electric and gas heating systems. One way to avoid future costly repairs is to get your heating system professionally serviced every year to make sure it is working at peak efficiency. You can get this yearly inspection of the Baker Brother Family Plan Membership. Furnace installation is not the time for a DIY project. You will need technicians with experience on heater installation to complete the job correctly. Baker Brothers can install your unit and leave the system working efficiently to heat your home.

Air Conditioning and Heating Replacement in Fort Worth, TX

Whenever your HVAC unit faces a significant issue you can choose to either repair or replace it. There are certain issues that may suggest it’s time you need to replace your system. These issues can be your air conditioning system frequently malfunctioning, unable to consistently keep your home at a comfortable temperature, or leads to higher monthly energy bills. Whenever you are facing significant issues with your unit, consider if replacing will be the better and more affordable option. Baker Brothers has the best Fort Worth local HVAC technicians and installers that can install your new AC system and make sure it lasts your home many years at maximum efficiency. 

Attic Insulation in Fort Worth, TX

We all want to see our monthly energy bills as low as possible. A great way to do this is with good attic insulation in your home. You may have noticed signs that your home needs new attic insulation. These signs can be frequent temperature changes, wet insulation, indoor drafts, and unusually high energy bills. Good attic insulation will make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. With good attic insulation, your heating and cooling system won’t need to work as hard, which leads to lower energy bills. Attic insulation is a complex job and should not be done by someone without the proper training. Call Baker Brothers, a certified and licensed HVAC company, to make your home more comfortable with new attic insulation.

Air Duct Cleaning in Fort Worth, TX

While taking care of your HVAC system, you could forget all about your air ducts. If you’ve forgotten about your air ducts then they could be very dirty and that significantly reduces the air quality in your home. Dirty air ducts are often filled with mold, bacteria, and fungi that can stop air from flowing freely through the ventilation system. These blockages make your system use more energy to work. If your ventilation system is working harder, then your total energy costs will be higher.  A thorough cleaning of your air ducts can lower your energy costs, and significantly improve your indoor air quality. Baker Brothers has the best HVAC technicians in the industry for your home’s air duct cleaning.

New Air Duct Replacement for your Fort Worth, TX Home

Sometimes cleaning your air ducts is not enough to eliminate all your issues. Certain problems will require air duct replacement. We recommend replacing your air ducts if they have ever had mold. Mold can be completely removed from metal ducts in most instances, but you’ll need new ducts to replace plastic ducts to get rid of all mold. Homes with air ducts older than 50 years old, should be replaced. Air duct installation is not a do-it-yourself type of job. Hire a professional. Baker Brothers is a certified and licensed HVAC company that can install your new air ducts quickly and efficiently.

Replacing your A/C Filters

Replacing your A/C filters is the first step in properly maintaining your home’s air conditioning unit. An A/C filter is designed to remove allergens, dirt, and dust while cooling your home. After a few months, your air filter will get covered in dust and dirt and cause poor air circulation and lower your indoor air quality. This causes your AC unit to be less energy efficient when cooling your home, therefore, raising your monthly energy bill.

Replacing your filter is a fairly simple task. Just as long as you know the right type and size filter for your unit. We recommend replacing your air filters at least every three months. Baker Brothers stock a wide variety of air filters and are always here to help you with replacement if you would like any assistance.

Baker Brothers is your trusted HVAC partner for any of the A/C and heating repair, maintenance or installation needs in your Fort Worth home. You can contact us by dialing 214-324-8811.

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