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Grapevine Heating, AC Repair & Installation

The best local heating and air conditioning professionals are at Baker Brothers. Call 214-892-2225 for all your Grapevine A/C and heating repair and installation needs. 

Heating & Cooling Services

Changing your Air Conditioner Filter

Your home or business circumstances will affect how often you change the air filters in your HVAC system. If you have pets, have a lot of traffic nearby, allergies, etc., you sometimes have to change your air filters more often than recommended by the manufacturer. Dirty filters will lower the performance of your HVAC. And it will negatively impact your health as well. So, make sure to set reminders to change your air filters at regular intervals. If you would like to discuss the optimal changing schedule based on your specific circumstances or schedule a technician to assist you in changing out your air conditioner filters, contact Baker Brothers. We stock a variety of air filters, and we service and replace HVAC systems throughout the city of Grapevine.

Get a New AC Unit for Your Grapevine Home

Baker Brothers is a trusted HVAC contractor installing new air conditioning units in homes and businesses across Grapevine. If you need to purchase and install a new AC system, our contractors will help your review your options and identify the best solution for your home or business. With the strength and knowledge of the Baker Brothers team at your side, you can rest assured that you will make a quality investment in your home comfort. Contact Baker Brothers today for your new AC installation service in Grapevine.

HVAC Maintenance in Grapevine

Your HVAC system should be inspected at least annually by a trained professional. The benefits of having annual preventative maintenance of your HVAC unit is to prevent surprise breakdowns, extend your equipment life, and improve overall performance. With improved efficiency, you can reduce your energy costs. No matter the brand heating or cooling unit, it will need some form of repair. And to prevent spending on major repairs and replacement, it is best to schedule routine maintenance services. Baker Brothers offers a complementary inspection as part of our Family Plan Membership which includes up to 15% off parts and labor.

Heating and Furnace Installation & Repair Services

Baker Brothers is a leader in Grapevine for heating and furnace installations and repairs. Our technicians are courteous and knowledgeable and can answer all your questions regarding your system. They are thorough in their tasks ensuring that when they leave, you are satisfied, and your furnace will work smoothly.

Enjoy the warmth of working with Baker Brothers. We can handle gas, electric and geothermal heating systems in your home or office. Contact us today for your annual heater maintenance or if you believe that your system needs to be repaired. Our technicians are also skilled installers. So, if you need to replace your furnace or install a heat pump, they will do so quickly and efficiently.

Grapevine AC Coil Cleaning Services

Baker Brothers offers professional AC coil cleaning services for residential and business customers in Grapevine. Our teams of expert HVAC contractors are skilled at quickly cleaning your coils without causing any damage. If your AC isn’t working because the coils are damaged, we can repair or replace them for you. Cleaning, replacing, or fixing an AC coil is never a job for an amateur. Contact Baker Brothers for the best in AC maintenance services for your home or business. We promise quality results and improved operation of your AC units when we are through.

Grapevine Attic Insulation Contractors

Is your attic meeting basic energy saving standards? Are you worried that your energy bills are increasing and you’ve put in energy efficient systems with no success? The answer could lie in your attic insulation. You heat could literally be going up through the roof. Baker Brothers attic insulation contractors can take a look at your current level of insulation and determine if you need to upgrade. They are qualified and certified to install attic insulation and help you make the most of your investment. Enjoy a warmer home with attic insulation installation services by Baker Brothers. Contact us today.

Baker Brothers – Your Air Duct Repair and Cleaning Company, Grapevine

Did you know that as much as 35% of the energy used to cool your home may be lost because of leaks and gaps in your air ducts? These flaws in your ductwork divert the cold air away from where it is intended to go. As a result, your A/C system has to work that much harder to adequately cool your home.

Another problem with the presence of such leaks and cracks in your ducts is that they allow dust particles, mold spores, and other contaminants to enter into your HVAC system and travel into your home. For cleaning, you need a specialist company.

Baker Brothers is your professional air duct repair and cleaning company in Grapevine. And our expert technicians are qualified to repair damage to your ducts that would impede its performance. They are armed with the latest equipment to test your ductwork and locate all the cracks and holes that are causing it to be less efficient. We can then completely seal your entire duct system to help improve its energy efficiency and the quality of the air in your home.

Our air duct cleaning technicians work hard to improve the indoor air quality of your building by ensuring that your ducts are in peak working condition. They will remove dust, debris, and other contaminants from your system. Let Baker Brothers get your home or office ready for you to breathe easy.

Grapevine AC Repair TechniciansPipe Lining Services

When you AC fails, make sure you get air conditioning technicians that are licensed, trained and have extensive experience. Baker Brothers professional AC repair contractors in Grapevine meet all these criteria and more. They are highly skilled at repairing all major AC brands and showing you how to keep your AC running efficiently. Keep your energy costs low and enjoy quality indoor comfort with Baker Brothers AC repair technicians. We are the company you can rely on to be there when you need us most and to get your AC back up and running when it needs repairs.

Installing New Air Ducts in your Grapevine Home or Office

Improve your energy efficiency and your indoor air quality by installing new air ducts in your Grapevine home or business place. Foster a healthy indoor climate and improve your comfort with stellar air duct installation services by Baker Brothers. We offer tailored solutions based on your unique circumstances. Our technicians ensure that your air ducts are installed correctly and safely to prevent fires and loss of efficiency from breaks in your system or the seals. Our technicians are skilled and equipped to handle any system installation to suit your needs. Give us a call for a quote today.

When you need an expert Grapevine A/C and heating repair or installation specialist, you need the licensed, trained and experienced team of HVAC aces at Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning. Call us now at 214-892-2225 to book your appointment.