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55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

Promo Code: Plum55

Expires: Oct 14, 2024

Valid towards standard pricing only. Minimum Invoice: $250. Residential Use Only. Limit 1 per household. Cannot be used for new system or equipment replacement. Cannot be combined with other offers or member discounts. Cannot be used toward purchase of family plan or service call fee. Only valid on work done. Mention offer when calling.

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

Promotion Code: Plum55

Expires Oct 14, 2024


Valid towards standard pricing only. Minimum Invoice: $250. Residential Use Only. Limit 1 per household. Cannot be used for new system or equipment replacement. Cannot be combined with other offers or member discounts. Cannot be used toward purchase of family plan or service call fee. Only valid on work done. Mention offer when calling.

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For professional Plumbing Services in Double Oak, Texas call us at 214-892-2225. Our plumbers always deliver consistent service and quality work.

Water Filtration Systems

It’s not easy to detect the levels of contaminants in your tap water without expert equipment. Most of these substances do not affect the color or taste of the water. So, you won’t know. To protect you and your family, we recommend installing a water purification system in your home. Some of the options you can consider for purifying or filtering your tap water, and which Baker Brothers can install include:

  • Whole house filtration systems
  • Distillers
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Single tap water filters

If you would like to discuss further your options for a quality purification system, contact Baker Brothers. Our knowledgeable technicians are always ready to help our Double Oak Residents understand the options available.

Residential Septic Tank Plumbing in Double Oak

From installation to service and repairs, Baker Brothers has expert septic tank professionals helping homeowners across Double Oak. We can help you design and install a new septic tank and the required drain fields to meet state codes and local requirements. Our technicians can empty and clean your system on a regular basis and service it to keep your septic system working properly.

Contact Baker Brothers if you want quality service and a properly working septic tank for your home.

Emergency Plumbing

No matter the plumbing problems you encounter, Baker Brothers plumbers have the skills and experience to handle them for you. Whether your dishwasher stops working or your drain is clogged, we can have them serviced and repaired in no time.

Choose Baker Brothers for your emergency plumbing needs because we are:

  • A trusted plumbing repairs and services company since 1945
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Fully licensed and insured and our technicians are qualified
  • Kitchen Plumbing Services in Double Oak

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When your plumbing fixtures and appliances don’t work well, it will affect your daily routines. Baker Brothers can service and repair all your kitchen appliances and fixtures. From sinks, faucets, garbage disposal and dishwashers, our technicians are ready to help.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks require professional assistance. Detection is an essential aspect of slab leak repairs and not all plumbers are qualified to undertake slab leak detection. Your plumber needs experience as well as specialized equipment to correctly detect the location of leaks underground.

Some signs that show you may have slab leaks and should call a qualified plumber to check include:

  • Cracks in your flooring and walls
  • Higher than normal water bills
  • The water meter continuously spinning even though you have turned off all the plumbing fixtures in the home

If you notice any of these signs, contact Baker Brothers in Double Oak for slab leak detection and repairs. Our technicians will conduct a thorough review of your property and our detection process will quickly identify the source(s) of the leaks. And once we do, we’ll start the repair process which can include re-piping.

Repiping Your Home After a Slab Leak

If after our investigations it is realized that there are multiple leaks in your water lines, the best option may be to re-pipe.

Repiping may require that we cut into your concrete slabs or dig up your floor boards so that we can replace the old pipes with new ones. Our technicians are trained to not only install new piping but also to repair all areas that might be dug up to facilitate the repiping process. We also offer trenchless repiping methods.

Clogged Toilet Repairs/ General Toilet Repair & Installation in Double Oak

Baker Brothers has been helping homeowners repair their problematic toilets for years. As a necessary fixture in our homes, it can be frustrating to have one blocked or running and wasting water.

Sometimes, however, a blocked toilet can be a symptom of a much larger problem. If you find that you are constantly plunging your toilets, there may be a blockage in your drainpipe or sewer line. Contact Baker Brothers to inspect your system and implement a solution that gets your toilet up and working again.

Gas Line Installations & Repairs


Have a new gas barbecue grill that you would like to set up in the backyard? Are you looking to invest in a new gas-powered stove, water heater, or dryer? Will you be enhancing your living room with a fireplace and gas logs? If yes, then you must engage the services of a qualified technician to run your gas lines.

Natural gas is a great way add to add a new energy source to your home. But, this is one area that should never by a home DIY project. Gas can become a hazard if improperly handled and the lines incorrectly or haphazardly installed. Therefore, a gas line should only be installed by professional technicians.


A gas leak is a potentially dangerous situation that needs to be resolved in the shortest possible time. From asphyxiation to explosions, it is not a substance to be taken lightly. If you suspect that you may have a leak, do not hesitate to contact a licensed plumbing professional to undertake the necessary repairs.

If you suspect that you have a leak, do not strike a match, use a lighter or smoke. Do not turn on anything that could cause a potential spark such as an electric switch or even opening your garage door. Instead, quickly summon help from a qualified professional to inspect and do the necessary repairs.

Don’t let your gas supply be cut off by your gas company because you did not take the necessary precautions or did not have a reputable and qualified technician inspect and repair your gas leaks. Also, look for a maintenance company that offers gas line maintenance plans so that you are not caught flatfooted with a dangerous situation.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line repair is often undertaken for several reasons. Some of the problems that lead to necessary line repairs include blockage in the line that prevents smooth flow, the pipe has collapsed, or has been damaged due to shifting earth. Or maybe the roots of a tree have grown into the sewer and impacted cleaning.

When you are faced with these difficult situations, your plumber can offer two options – trenchless repair or traditional repair. With traditional sewer line repair, the plumber cuts open a trench to get access to the damaged section of the line and a backhoe may be needed to open the area and refill on completion.

On the other hand, trenchless sewer line repair does not require any extensive digging for an open trench and damage to your backyard or driveway. Instead, small access holes are used to pull in new pipes breaking down the old ones in the process.

When you need your sewer line repaired, check to make sure that the plumbing company offers trenchless sewer repair options such as what we do at Baker Brothers Plumbing.

Some of our other plumbing services include:

Drain Cleaning: For quality drain cleaning services in Double Oak, look no further than Baker Brothers. We clear your drain pipes of any blockage that prevents it from working as it should. Our residential drain cleaning services are thorough and leave your property fully cleared when we are through.

Hydrojetting: One of our most effective sewer line cleaning services is hydrojetting. If our technicians have identified multiple clogs in your sewer system, we may recommend hydrojetting as the best solution. Hydrojetting is the use of water at high pressure to clear your sewer lines. It is best done by a professorial plumbing company such as Baker Brothers to prevent any damage to your sewer line.

Sump Pumps Installations and Servicing: If you want to prevent flooding in your basement, then you need a sump pump. We can expertly install your sump pump to ensure that any flooding is quickly pumped out of your home and prevents mold growth from moisture and damage to your home’s structure. We can help you choose the best sump pump for your home so that you can keep your basement clear of any water pooling.

Shower and Tub Installation: If you want to ensure that you can enjoy a long relaxing bath or a super deluxe shower, you must have your shower and tub installed properly. The Baker Brothers plumbing technicians are skilled at installing tubs and shower stalls in a variety of spaces.

Water Heater Installation and Repairs: Problems with your water heater tend to be pretty self-evident. From no water coming out of the hot water tap, the water not heating or water pooling at the base of your water heater, problems can be hard to miss.

If you are having trouble with your hot water heater, contact the team at Baker Brothers. We have extensive experience installing and repairing gas and electric water heaters for homeowners across Double Oak.

Have your main sewer line cleaned, repaired or replaced by the trusted experts in Double Oak, Texas. Call us at 214-892-2225 to have any and all plumbing, as well as HVAC problems, addressed.

  • Background Checked & Drug Tested
  • Skilled and Trained Technicians

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