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55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

Promo Code: Plum55

Expires: Oct 14, 2024

Valid towards standard pricing only. Minimum Invoice: $250. Residential Use Only. Limit 1 per household. Cannot be used for new system or equipment replacement. Cannot be combined with other offers or member discounts. Cannot be used toward purchase of family plan or service call fee. Only valid on work done. Mention offer when calling.

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

Promotion Code: Plum55

Expires Oct 14, 2024


Valid towards standard pricing only. Minimum Invoice: $250. Residential Use Only. Limit 1 per household. Cannot be used for new system or equipment replacement. Cannot be combined with other offers or member discounts. Cannot be used toward purchase of family plan or service call fee. Only valid on work done. Mention offer when calling.

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Plumber Carrollton, TX

For expert plumbing repairs and installations, look no further than Baker Brothers Plumbing. Our trained and licensed plumbers are only a phone call away at 214-892-2225.

Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies always happen at the most inconvenient times. At moments like these, you don’t need to worry about how to “find a plumber near me in Carrollton”. You just know that Baker Brothers will be there to offer emergency plumbing services. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 at affordable rates to get your home back in shape quickly.

Kitchen Plumbing

Baker Brothers kitchen plumbing services in Double Oak include:

Garbage disposal repairs and installations: Your garbage disposal unit is not made to handle a large amount of leftover food at a time. If you put in too much, then it becomes clogged and can lead to damage. If your garbage disposal unit isn’t working as it should or is damaged, then contact Baker Brothers. Our experts can repair all brands of disposal units and get you back to enjoy the conveniences of your kitchen appliances.

Dishwasher installation and repairs: One of the main culprits of a flooded kitchen is your dishwasher. As your dishwasher is connected to the water supply and drain lines in your kitchen, you must be careful. If your drain lines are leaking or clogged, contact us to quickly clear and repair the lines for you. We can also replace your dishwasher if your current one has outlived its useful life or install a new one if you’re upgrading your kitchen.

Drain cleaning: A clogged drain will severely impact you in the kitchen. Over time, the various buildup and deposits will block your drain lines and leave you unable to use your sink. When that happens, our professional plumbers can clear your kitchen drains or your main sewer lines.

Kitchen faucet repairs: Whether it’s a leaky faucet, or the faucet is damaged or broken, Baker Brothers plumbers can repair your faucet quickly. From replacing small parts to installing a new faucet, we do it all.

We can also install and service all the items above and all your kitchen fixtures and appliances.

Slab Leak Repair

A slab leak does not mean that the water leak is in the slab. What it means is that the pipes that run under or through the concrete slab beneath your house either broke, burst, or cracked. No matter the reason for the leak, you need professional help to get it addressed quickly.

The experts at Baker Brothers have detected and repaired slab leaks for homeowners throughout Carrollton. Residents continue to trust us to deliver quality service that they can rely on no matter their plumbing issues. If you suspect that you have a slab leak, contact Baker Brothers for fast detection and repair services all at an affordable price.

Water Filtration Systems Installations

Too often we hear the reports of contaminated tap water affecting home owners across the USA. There is lead in the water, elevated levels of magnesium, minerals and even hormones. Even if you live in an area that the water seems clean, it still makes sense to install a water filtration system.

Options for water filtration system:

Single tap water filters: these are under the sink type filters. If you are not worried about the water you use to bathe and wash, then these kinds of filters would be ideal. If you opt for a reverse osmosis filtration system, you will need professional installation and maintenance services to keep it working at its best.

Reverse Osmosis filtration system: Available as faucet systems or counter-top options, this extensive filtration system sends water through a multiple-step purification process. With reverse osmosis, each layer of purification removes additional contaminants to leave you with a fully filtered drinking water free of impurities.

Distillers: This type of purification system only cleans a small amount of water per hour compared to other options. And while they remove contaminants such as metals and bacteria, it will also remove healthy minerals. It doesn’t catch all chemicals, and the purification process can leave your water tasting a little flat. But, it is an option to get you started if you only need purified drinking and cooking water and are looking to reduce buying bottled water.

Whole House Purification Systems: If you are looking for a solution that will not only take care of your drinking and cooking water but also address the water you use to bathe and wash, then a whole house system is for you. These systems are more complex in installation, but they offer a better whole home experience for the health-conscious homeowner. We recommend pairing a whole house purification system with water softeners for maximum impact.

Residential Septic Tank Plumbing Services in Carrollton

Your septic system comes with a variety of mechanical and electrical parts that must all be maintained. From the tank itself to your drain fields with their lateral lines and field pipes, you need expert services to make sure that your septic tank works well.

Baker Brothers is your professional Carrollton septic tank installation, sewage pumping and haulage of waste, and maintenance team. Contact us for all installation, servicing, and repair needs for your Carrollton home.

Gas Line Installations, Gas Leak Detection, and Repairs

Gas leaks are dangerous and potentially life-threatening. If you smell gas in your home or suspect that you have a leak or leaks in your gas line, contact a reputable company such as Baker Brothers. Our expert technicians are skilled at gas line installations, gas leak detection, and gas line repairs.

Our licensed professionals will ensure that your gas appliances are properly installed for your protection. This means fixing any leaks, ensuring they are properly vented, and securely installed for your safety.

Sewer Line Repair

Your sewer is a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system as it removes the waste from your home. If it is blocked or damaged, it becomes very disruptive to even basic daily activities like cooking and using the bathroom.

Baker Brothers can fix, replace, or clean your main sewer lines. Our services will address a variety of sewer line problems that can impact your home. From broken and cracked sewer pipes to blockage and corrosion, our expert technicians will fix them. Our non-intrusive methods and state of the art equipment allow us to quickly repair and install new sewer lines without severely damaging your property.

If you need to repair or replace your current main sewer line, ask Baker Brokers about our trenchless sewer line repair methods.

Schedule your sewer line service repair today with Baker Brothers at 214-892-2225.

Toilet Repair & Installation/ Clogged Toilet Repairs

There are few things as frustrating as a clogged or running toilet. With a clogged toilet, you are without a necessary commodity. If your toilet is running, you are wasting gallons of water while also running up your water bills.

If you have any of these issues, then contact Baker Brothers for fast service to quickly unclog or repair your toilets. If you would like to change out your toilet, especially to modern water conservation models, contact us as well. Our technicians have installed new toilets for multiple home owners across Carrollton.

Installing and Repairing Water Heaters

Don’t let a malfunctioning water heater affect your home comfort. If your water heater isn’t working as expected, contact the professionals at Baker Brothers. With extensive experience across Carrollton, we are the go-to company for quality water heater repairs. Whether you have a gas water heater or an electric water heater, our technicians can install, maintain, and repair it for your home comfort.

Sump Pumps Installation

You could be losing valuable space in your basement if you constantly experience flooding. To regain your property consider installing a sump pump. A lot of the times, the problems arise because of exterior drainage issues. If you want to make sure there are no exterior issues affecting your basement drainage, contact Baker Brothers for an inspection.

Also, if your home doesn’t already have a sump pit installed, consider having a retrofit done.

Shower & Tub Installation

A relaxing bath or a long shower could be the best part of your day. And renovating your bathroom is an easy way to put those simple things in place for an enjoyable bathing experience. It certainly helps to know that installing a new shower or tub can also increase the value of your property. That’s why you need to invest in expert plumbing services to ensure that the job is done well and will add worth to your home.

Let Baker Brothers Plumbing help you install that special shower and tub to grace your elegant bathroom. Our plumbers specialize in bathroom remodeling and of course shower and bathtub installation. Whether as a standalone shower or a bathtub replacement, our plumbing technicians will inspect, remove, and install new fixtures to your satisfaction. They make this affordable process smooth and easy with professional services throughout.

Hydrojetting and Drain Cleaning Services

Oftentimes consistent clogging of your home’s plumbing system is a symptom of a much larger problem within your plumbing pipes. If that is the case, and extensive clogs are diagnosed by one of our qualified plumbers, then hydrojetting may be the solution to your problem.

Hydrojetting is a comprehensive pipe cleaning process that uses a pressurized flow of water to remove debris, grease, and other material that are clogging your drain pipes. Once the debris in the pipe is dislodged, it moves safely out during the flushing of your piping system.

Hydrojetting should not be delivered by an amateur plumber. A trained plumber will know the right amount of pressure to use to prevent damage to your pipes. Our hydrojetting services are delivered by trained professionals who know how to protect your property during the course of their duties.

For all your plumbing needs in Carrollton, Texas, contact the professionals at Baker Brothers Plumbing and Air Conditioning at 214-892-2225.

  • Background Checked & Drug Tested
  • Skilled and Trained Technicians

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