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55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

Promo Code: Plum55

Expires: Aug 26, 2024

Valid towards standard pricing only. Minimum Invoice: $250. Residential Use Only. Limit 1 per household. Cannot be used for new system or equipment replacement. Cannot be combined with other offers or member discounts. Cannot be used toward purchase of family plan or service call fee. Only valid on work done. Mention offer when calling.

55 off any plumbing repair

55 off any plumbing repair

Promotion Code: Plum55

Expires Aug 26, 2024


Valid towards standard pricing only. Minimum Invoice: $250. Residential Use Only. Limit 1 per household. Cannot be used for new system or equipment replacement. Cannot be combined with other offers or member discounts. Cannot be used toward purchase of family plan or service call fee. Only valid on work done. Mention offer when calling.

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Plumber Dallas, TX

Call 214-892-2225 for an excellent and dependable Dallas plumber. The experts at Baker Brothers deliver quality workmanship at competitive prices. 

Reliable Plumbing Services in Dallas, Texas

For reliable commercial and residential plumbing services in Dallas, look to Baker Brothers. Since 1945, residents and business owners across Dallas have trusted us to:

  • take care of their most pressing plumbing issues
  • repair and replace their plumbing fixtures, equipment, and appliances, and
  • keep their plumbing systems working efficiently.

We enjoy what we do, and our family-owned company strives to always keep our customers satisfied with our services. When next you need emergency plumbing service in Dallas, or you want to have a plumbing fixture replaced, just give us a call. Our 24/7 response team is ready to help you no matter the time of day.

Drain Cleaning in Dallas

clogged sewer drain can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The ensuing mess can wreak havoc and bring about costly damage to your home and belongings. If you experience a clogged drain that is impervious to store-bought drain cleaning products, you need to call in the professionals. The Baker Brothers team has the necessary know-how and tools required to take care of even the most stubborn clog.

Most clogged drains can be addressed with the use of a drain snake or auger. Tougher clogs or ones that are beyond the reach of an auger may require a process called hydrojetting, which uses pressurized water to blast away clogs and any accumulated grease or grime on the pipe’s walls.

Hydrojetting Services

Hydrojetting is one of the easiest and best ways to clear a blocked line. But only if the plumbing technician knows what they are doing. It involves pumping high-pressure water through the drain pipes without damaging the pipes. This method is necessary when snaking alone cannot clear the blocks.

If your drains are constantly clogged then contact Baker Brothers for expert hydrojetting services. We will have your drains cleared in no time.

Sump Pumps Installation & Maintenance

If your house in Dallas, TX is prone to frequent flooding, you probably need to have a sump pump installed. Our experts will help you choose the best model for the size of your home that will help to keep your home dry all year round. Adding a sump pump to your home also helps to reduce hydrostatic pressure around your foundation. Hydrostatic pressure is caused by an accumulation of moisture in the soil surrounding your home that forces water into the smallest of cracks in your foundation.

We also recommend adding a backup power supply to your sump pump. This will help to ensure that it works properly even in the event of a power outage or a blown fuse.

Kitchen Plumbing

If you find that the fixtures in your kitchen are making the room look dated, it may be time to have them replaced with updated, current models. From stainless steel sinks that are mounted under the counter to corner models and country-flavored porcelain apron sinks, the choices available to today’s homeowners are virtually limitless. The pros at Baker Brothers will help you achieve the fresh, up-to-date look you want and install your new kitchen fixtures professionally so that you may enjoy years of worry free use from them.

Bathroom Plumbing Services

Bathroom plumbing services can range from simple repairs of a faucet to large replacement jobs such as tubs and showers. But, no matter your bathroom plumbing needs in Dallas, Baker Brothers has a plumbing team ready to help. From comfort to convenience, our plumbing services are thorough and comprehensive to meet your needs.

Toilet Repair & Installation

Need to have a toilet replaced? Looking for a toilet contractor in Dallas? Contact Baker Brothers for fast 24/7 plumbing service in Dallas. We will help you install or repair your toilets. We can help you with a variety of toilet issues from Clogged Toilet Repairs to repairing running toilets and replacing old toilets. Our plumbers have handled it all.

Shower & Tub Installation

Quickly upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom by installing a new shower or tub. As a DIY project, replacing your shower or tub can be time-consuming and costly if you’re not a plumber trained in quickly and expertly replacing tubs and showers. So, if you want someone that knows how to accurately measure, drill, run pipes without damaging your current infrastructure or bathroom, then we are your team.

Bathroom Remodeling

There is a wide array of options for modernizing our bathrooms. From inspiring contemporary décor to homey, traditional designs, and functional minimalists’ styles, you can design a bathroom to suit your personality while meeting your basic sanitary needs. And when you want it done quickly without compromise in quality and workmanship, you choose Baker Brothers plumbing specialists.

Bathroom Fixture Installation & Repair

We are a comprehensive plumbing service company. With us, you get complete service from the simplest issues to the complex. Some of our bathroom fixture services include:

  • Sink repairs or replacements
  • Faucets installation or repairs
  • Mirror installation
  • Tile installation

Sewer Line Repair

Our sewer line service can correct any number of issues that you may face. This includes sewer line problems such as cracked, broken, or collapsed pipes, damaged pipes from winter freeze or moved earth. Our sewer line cleaningsewer line replacement, and sewer line repairs are carried out by industry specialists who are trained to get your sewer system back up and running for your convenience.

Dallas Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Services

Don’t worry about having your yard dug up to repair or replace your sewer line as well as pipelining. With Baker Brothers, our trenchless sewer line repair services are perfectly designed to ensure safe and quick repairs and replacements. This process limits disruptions and costs less. Our plumbers use the latest technology to make sure that your trenchless sewer line work is completed correctly to your satisfaction.

Burst Pipe Repair and Water Leak Detection

Have a burst pipe? Can’t figure out where the water leak is in your line? No worries. Baker Brothers provides comprehensive water leak detection and 24/7 burst pipe repair services. We take on all the stress of handling messy water repairs and quickly get your home or business back into shape

As part of our water leak detection and pipe repair services, we also provide Slab Leak Repair. We can detect leaks under slabs of a foundation, parking lots, driveways, etc. and quickly repair those leaks with minimal disruption to you.

Other Baker Brothers Plumbing Services in Dallas, Texas:

Septic Tank Plumbing: Enjoy same day septic tank inspection and plumbing services. We offer complete septic tank design, installation, and pumping. If your tank is damaged or your drainfield isn’t working, we have the tools and expertise to get you back on track.

Boiler Installation & Repair: Finding yourself without a working heater in winter would be a horrifying experience. To make sure that this does not happen to you, schedule regular boiler maintenance services. And when you need a new boiler to be installed, or your current furnace needs to be repaired, call us for fast service.

If you notice problems with your boiler heating system, contact Baker Brothers immediately. We will quickly repair the fault or, if necessary, upgrade your system with a more energy efficient and easy to use boiler.

Gas Line Repair & Installation: Gas lines are serious problems that should only be left to experts. For top Dallas gas line repairs or gas line installations, contact Baker Brothers. Our team is licensed to carry out a variety of gas line services that benefit you and your family. We also offer Gas Leak Detection services to ensure that your gas lines meet all regulations and requirements for a safe home for you and your family.

Water Heaters: Gas or electric water heaters. Tankless water heaters or tank water heaters. We install them all. And we service and repair all major and minor brands of water heaters used in homes or offices. We know how important hot water is to our everyday activities. From bathing, washing clothes and dishes to washing hands in the workplace, we need reliable hot water. And that’s why our plumbing technicians have all trained and have the necessary experience to keep your hot water flowing at acceptable and safe levels for your comfort and convenience.

Water Softeners: Baker Brothers has years of experience installing and servicing a variety of water softeners. We know the benefits of investing in water softeners, and you can enjoy them too. No more itchy skin after a bath. Enjoy softer hair with less tangling, softer clothing in your wash cycle and cleaner and brighter glassware, cooking, and eating utensils. Ready to feel the difference that a water softener can make to your daily life and routines? Contact Baker Brothers, and we’ll install one for you today.

Water Filtration Systems: When you want to effectively remove impurities from your drinking water, install a countertop or under-counter water filtration system. If you also want the added benefits of bathing or washing in cleaner water, consider a whole house water filtration system. Baker Brothers are known throughout Dallas for quick filtration system installations and quality repairs and servicing. So, protect your family from impurities in your tap water and upgrade your home’s water supply with the very best on offer for water filtration systems.

Fixture Installation & Repair: We handle all fixture installations and repairs for your kitchens, washrooms, garages, basements, and bathrooms. When you want your fixtures installed properly the first time and the use of quality material, you call Baker Brothers. Our excellent workmanship ensures that your fixtures throughout your home or business meet your needs and works as intended.

Emergency Plumbing – Dallas Plumbing Service and Repairs 24/7

Want to know what your neighbors are saying about us before you schedule a service call? Take a look at our multiple plumbing reviews and recommendations and see that you will be in great hands. We are more than just your Dallas handymen. As your local Dallas plumbers, we are ready to service all your plumbing needs with quality workmanship and unbeatable guarantees.

Call 214-892-2225 to schedule an appointment with Baker Brothers to take care of any of the plumbing needs in your Dallas home.

  • Background Checked & Drug Tested
  • Skilled and Trained Technicians

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