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Do You Have Hard Water?

Did you know that over 85% of American homes have hard water? Water with over 120 parts per million of suspended minerals is considered to be either hard or very hard. While drinking it is not hazardous to your health, having it in your home can lead to some inconveniences and its prolonged exposure can cause damage to your pipes and fixtures.

Here are a few telltale signs that you have hard water:

  • Your soap doesn’t lather: In hard water, soap and shampoo don’t work up into a sudsy lather. Instead, soap tends to generate soap scum. You may notice an accumulation of scum deposits in your shower or bathtub. You may also become aware that your glasses and silverware come out of the dishwasher looking foggy or spotty. In your laundry, you may notice that colors become more faded and that whites appear more grayish.
  • Itchy skin: The high mineral content in hard water tends to dry out skin making it feel itchy and flaky. It can also make your hair appear duller and more difficult to manage.
  • Scale and calcium buildup: You may notice deposits of scale or calcium forming in your sinks, shower or tub, as well as on your taps. These deposits can also contribute to clogging your fixtures and pipes resulting in serious damage.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

The principle behind softening your water is known as ion exchange. This process removes a large portion of the mineral content by replacing it with sodium. The result is fresh, clean tasting water that is more pleasant to use and free of the inconveniences that characterize hard water. A water softening system does not require a great deal of maintenance from the homeowner, aside from replenishing the salt following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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