Dallas Gas Leak Detection Services

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Gas Leak Detection

A Gas Leak Is A Serious Matter

Although natural gas is considered a very safe and economical source of energy, it’s important to remember that it is also an extremely volatile and flammable substance. An investigation conducted by the USA Today Network in 2014 uncovered that gas leaks in the United States had destroyed property, injured or killed someone roughly every other day over the previous decade.

Often, the culprits in these natural gas disasters are aging pipes. Other causes can include poor workmanship at the time of installation or accidentally hitting or damaging a gas line. Another common cause of a gas leak is a faulty or damaged appliance.

What To Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak

If you detect a strong sulfuric odor in your home like that of rotten eggs, you may be experiencing a gas leak. Safety must be your number one priority. The first thing to do is to evacuate your home immediately. Make sure everyone leaves the home as quickly as possible and gets to a safe distance. Do not use any electrical devices, including your phone or any mobile devices until you are outside. Leave the door open behind you as you leave in order to help vent the gas out.

Once you have evacuated the home, call 911 or your gas company. They will be able to cut off the supply line to your home. After the immediate danger has been taken care of, you can call in the plumbing experts at Baker Brothers. Our professional technicians will use the latest technology to find the source of the leak in order to repair it quickly and efficiently.

Hidden Gas Leaks

In some cases, you may have a gas leak and not smell the telltale odor in your home. This can be the case if a leak has developed in an underground line. Some of the signs that this is happening can include your monthly usage bills creeping upwards or areas of vegetation or grass that are dying around your yard.

Even in the case of a hidden underground leak, our team is fully trained in the methods required to locate and repair the problem with as little disruption to your home or property as possible.