PVC Pipes: Making Connections

September 1, 2015

Maybe your leaky bathroom faucet needs a new joint. Maybe you have too many bikes in your garage and you want to build your own bike rack. Maybe that soccer goal Santa was supposed to deliver never showed. No matter the project, connecting PVC piping is simple.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a type of industrial plastic that is most often purchased and sold in the form of piping. If you asked for PVC at your local hardware store, they would assume you are looking to buy some pipes. There are many great uses for this powerful plastic, but we will be focusing on how to connect your PVC pipes.

First, gather all of your materials. Make sure the pipes you have purchased, or are perhaps replacing, are the correct length and have the appropriate connector pieces. There is nothing more frustrating than accidentally installing a standard T connector where you actually needed a standard 90, aka elbow joint.

You might be thinking there is no way you would make such a silly mistake. Lay out your materials in the order in which you plan to connect them. This 2-D layout of your plan will eliminate any unplanned profanity.

  1. Clean joining areas and inside piping. If you are repairing pipes, you want to be sure to remove any grime or old buildup. New pipes also requiring cleaning due to dust and unknown substances gathered from store shelves and shipment.
  2. Any powerful and water resistance adhesive will get the job done. We recommend Gorilla Glue because it is strong and long-lasting. If you find a better glue for the job, please give us a shout. Wet the inside of the connector piece in which the pipe will be installed. Apply a small amount of glue to the exterior of the pipe that will fit into the connector. Spread the glue out evenly with a popsicle stick or whatever is handy. Do not use an excessive amount of glue. A little bit of Gorilla Glue goes a long way.
  3. Repeat the process for the remaining connector pieces and pipes. For more serious piping demands, reach out to your friends at Baker Brothers Plumbing to assess all of your plumbing needs.

PVC pipes will often outlast metal piping that is susceptible to rust.

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