How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

October 1, 2016

By Baker Brothers

Short answer? When it looks about like this:

The long answer might be more complicated than you think.

Remember when we explained how to choose a furnace filter? Well, the type of filter you have affects how often it needs to be changed.

Basic Fiberglass Filters: Monthly

Yep, every month that your furnace is running, pull out the filter and check for build up. For most households, these cheap filters last about a month. With these old school fiberglass filters, over time, the trapped dirt and particles clog and actually help the filter catch smaller and smaller particles. But, you can imagine, this also means the furnace will have to work harder and harder.

Advanced Furnace Filters: Every 2 – 3 Months

Check the packaging. Most advanced filters are made to be replaced every 2 – 3 months, when your furnace is running. Newer filters start out with finer mesh, so when they become clogged, airflow can be significantly restricted. So, not only are you paying more for the filter up front, you’re paying more to heat your home!

Remember, if you have a combination heating and air conditioning system, air will flow through your furnace filter all year long, so you’ll need to change the filter even in the summer.

As we said before, every household is different; with unique allergies, allergens, budget, and habits. Now that you know the differences, you can think about changing up your filter and watching to see if there’s a cheaper option you don’t mind changing more…or if you can find a more expensive option that is worth it because it needs to be changed less.

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