How To Save Money and Energy this Spring

April 12, 2018

With spring’s sudden arrival and summer just around the corner, most Texans are already mentally preparing for the extreme heat and the higher energy bills that come along with warm weather every year. Fortunately, homeowners and renters alike can adopt some easy habits that’ll make the transition easier, more comfortable, and save you money too!

Open Windows

This may seem like an obvious one, but many people will only open one window when they try to cool their home. Instead, open windows on each side of the home to create a cross-breeze. The spring air will move freely through your home and keep you comfortable without having to touch that thermostat.

Cook Outdoors

There’s a reason Texans say outside in the summer feels like opening an oven! Instead of adding heat to your home this spring, take the opportunity to break out your grill and cook outdoors. Not only will you enjoy the mild weather outside, but you’ll keep your energy cost down (if you use electric appliances) and your home will stay cool.

Get Your HVAC Serviced

While we always want our equipment to be performing at its best, performing routine maintenance in the spring will guarantee that your HVAC will run efficiently during the warm months, keeping your home cool and saving money. Regular service will also extend the life of your Heating & Air Conditioning Unit.

Caulk It Up

You can have energy star appliances and a recently serviced HVAC unit, but if your windows and doors have a draft, you’ll be burning money when you turn on the air. Take an afternoon to inspect your windows and doors for drafts and leaks that need to be sealed. You’ll keep the cool in and the heat out.

Utilize Fans

Whether it’s a bathroom fan or the ceiling fan in your living room, turning on your fans will make your home feel up to 8 degrees cooler. A bathroom fan is especially helpful on certain days as they are designed to inhale humidity and heat.

Be Thermostat-Smart

There’s no need to excessively cool your home when no one is there. Either turn your thermostat up before you leave or invest in smart thermostat that is programmed to automatically turn up and down – when you need it.

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