How to Change your Toilet’s Water Supply Line

July 1, 2016

Noticing water leaking around the base of your toilet? Upon closer inspection, do you see that it’s coming from the hose that connects the wall and the toilet tank? If your water supply line is leaking, it’s likely an easy fix. Here’s how to take care of it yourself.

Tools: You’ll need a wrench (crescent or similar) capable of fitting the nut that attaches the hose to the water supply valve, a container to catch excess water, and a towel might come in handy as well. Oh, and a replacement supply hose, too.

Shut the water off: First, turn the water off to the toilet by turning the handle on the valve clockwise.

Drain the toilet tank: Next, flush the toilet to drain the water from the tank. Don’t skip this step, or you’ll be sorry. And wet. You can also dry up the water that remains in the bottom of the tank with a towel, if you’d like.

Avoid a mess: Once you’ve flushed, place the container under the water supply valve and hose to catch any leftovers.

Begin the real work: Grab your wrench and loosen the nut attaching the hose to the valve, lefty-loosey.

Now unscrew the nut holding the hose onto the toilet tank. This one is usually plastic, and you might be able to get it unscrewed by hand.

Now, do it all again, but in reverse: Take hold of your bright and shiny new supply hose and do the opposite of what you just did to remove the old one. Tighten the plastic nut on the tank, then the metal one on the valve. Turn the handle on the valve back counterclockwise, and test your work!

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