How To Unjam & Reset Your Garbage Disposal

Need to Unjam or  Reset Your Garbage Disposal? Here’s A Safe Solution

Save a home plumbing service call and reset your garbage disposal yourself. For anything else, call Baker Brothers! Baker Brothers Plumbing has served Dallas-Fort Worth as a licensed plumbing business since 1945. 



Another Baker Brothers Quick Tip on Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working Properly

You ever put vegetables or anything down your disposal, turned on the water, hit the switch and nothing happens? Here’s a little step you could try before calling a plumber. You can hit the reset button that’s located on the bottom of the unit. Hold for a few seconds until you hear a click. Try turning the power back on, and with any luck you’re in business. And this is just a simple fix you can do at home, but for anything else call Baker Brothers.