How To Turn Off Water Heater & How to Drain Water Heater

APRIL 24, 2018

By Jim Reynolds


How to stop your leaking water heater while you wait for your plumber. These easy steps will help curb damage to your home. For everything else, call Baker Brothers! Baker Brothers Plumbing has served Dallas-Fort Worth as a licensed plumbing business since 1945.

Hi I’m Craig Foster this is another Baker Brother Quick Tip! Ever noticed any water pouring through your ceiling or running out of the garage when you get home? Could be a problem with your water heater. The first place to check is in your pan. If you look in your water heater pan and it’s starting to accumulate water then you have an issue. Here are a few steps you can take to get ready for that plumber to come out to change at your old water heater. Let’s start by turning off the gas. It’s usually a single handle valve located within a foot or two of the unit. Just turn that in a clockwise position until it’s off. After you get your gas shut-off let’s turn off the water. Water’s usually located on the right side of the unit up at the top. So it’s the cold water line. This one has a ball valve. There are some that have the gate valve- you know, the one with the little handle on it that you have to spin five or six times to get it to shut down. Either way, they’ll both do the trick. On a ball valve, you just take the handle you turn it, until it comes to a stop position. This will shut down your unit. Once your unit is shut down, we can work on draining it. How you drain the water heater is hook up a garden hose to this valve here. It’s called a boiler drain. Some of them have a handle, as you can see in this one, it requires a flathead screwdriver to turn it on. Once the hose is secure, in the other end it can be in a tub, a shower, or preferably outdoors if your host can make it. You can open that up, and this will start draining your unit.

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