How to Shut Off Your Water Main to Fix Leaky Pipes

Posted on: March 21, 2018
By: Baker Brothers
Posted in: Helpful Tips

If you have a water leak causing damage to your home, here’s how to turn off the water main while you wait for your plumber.

Just follow these easy steps and curb damage to your home. For everything else, call Baker Brothers! Baker Brothers Plumbing has served Dallas-Fort Worth as a licensed plumbing business since 1945.

Another Baker Brothers Plumbing Quick Tip On Your Water Value Shut Off

If you’re ever having any leaky pipes in your house and you need to shut down the water at the main, here’s a few simple steps and the tools you’re gonna need to do that.

You will need a meter key which can be found at any of your local hardware stores.

Insert it into the keyhole in the meter lid, spin until you feel the mechanism give, and then gently lift up. This will give you access to your meter.

Next, you’ll take your T-handle tool which can also be located at your local hardware store.

You’ll insert it on the valve, turn it clockwise, sometimes it can be a little tough but keep turning it you can get it there. These are a couple of simple tips on how to shut down your water to prepare for the water leak detection plumber. For anything else, call Baker Brothers Plumbing.

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