Hard Water = Easy Fix

August 1, 2015

Posted in: Water Softener, Plumbing

“By the time we get the call, the homeowner is either seeing brown water or they have a leak,” says Jimmie Dale, your expert on Dallas plumbing issues at Baker Brothers Plumbing and Air Conditioning. The harder your water, the more sediment buildup you’ll find in your water heater. That sediment sinks to the bottom instead of going to the plumbing line, which eventually takes up more space in your water heater and ultimately disrupts efficiency of your heater. At this point, you could pull an Elon Musk and shower at the gym to eliminate your need for a home shower all together (clever, yes, convenient…not so much). Or you could get smart about your water heater.

To prevent brown or yellow water and keep the water heater running efficiently, it should be drained annually. The benefits of caring for your water heater are clear. Adding insulation reduces heat loss by up to 45 percent and can shave as much as 9 percent off water-heating costs. Flushing sediment from the tank improves efficiency and longevity. The insulation only needs to be installed once, while the flushing cleanse should take place once a year to keep your water heater in good shape.

The typical lifespan of a storage water heater is 7 to 10 years. Depending on where you are in that lifecycle, it may be better to replace the water heater than repair it. “If you have a gas water heater, we always recommend that you go tankless,” says Addington. The typical lifespan of a tankless water heater is 20 years. While the upfront costs are steeper than a storage water heater, the tankless will pay off in the long run in terms of maintenance and cost efficiency.

A tankless water heater is about the size of a small suitcase so it takes up less space, and they don’t store water so there’s no concern of a leak or extra weight on the floor. They’re also more efficient and qualify for a tax credit.

Instead of resorting to your gym’s locker room or perhaps skipping your morning routine altogether, it is crucial to heed warning signs. Check for sediment buildup annually and contact your friends at Baker Brothers Plumbing if you have any questions or concerns.

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