Bathroom Plumbing 101

May 1, 2015

By Baker Brothers

You use it every day. Some days you frequent your bathroom multiple times. If your bathroom is out of order or running with less efficiency than expected, your life will often follow suit. Staying on top of leaks and aging fixtures can help you keep your bathroom in tiptop working shape. The best way to properly care for your bathroom requires a basic understanding of the fixtures and their uses. Troubleshooting will be less trouble if you know your way around the bathroom.

Drains and Vents

Your bathroom vent system supplies air to the drainage system to make sure waste moves out of your home plumbing lines. Understanding how these systems cooperate and function will enable you to assess issues properly. Most bathroom plumbing systems are comprised of PVC or ABS piping connected from your plumbing to a soil stack, or main stack that begins in the basement and connects to the outgoing sewer line. The top end of the stack runs through the roof in order for gases to escape. Any issues with the main vent system of the home are best inspected by a licensed plumber. DIY fixes for the main vents could lead to costly systemic trouble.

Unclogging Drains

The sound of a strained flush or worse, no flush at all, can lead one to regret having relieved oneself. We all make mistakes. Oftentimes, an excess of toilet paper can be the main culprit for chronic clogging. Best practices for maintaining a high functioning waste removal system in your home include managing the waste products that are absent mindedly tossed into toilets, drains, and garbage disposals. In the case that a clog does occur, a plunger can be used to remove blockage from sinks and toilets. It is important to stock your home with a quality plunger so that the already undesirable task at hand can take less time and effort. A toilet plunger has a neck protruding from the end, while sink plungers are shaped like a flat cup. If a plunger is insufficient, a sink can require dismantling of the P-trap, or curved section of the pipe below the sink, and manual removal of debris. The same can be attempted for a toilet using a plumbing auger, which runs a cable through the toilet drain in order to break up the source of the clog. If none of these methods take care of your toiled or sink clog, do call your friends at Baker Brothers Plumbing to flush your worries down the drain.

Maintenance Basics

Like any heavily used system in your house, plumbing requires care and maintenance. Taking extra care to make sure large objects are not clogging your system will help your toilets and sinks run with expected efficiency. To keep sink and tub drains running at their top efficiency, run hot water down them at least once per week. This will help remove any dirt and build up that are simple products of daily life. If you find your system constantly struggling with hair clogs, simply install strainers in your tub and shower to prevent excess hair from collecting in inaccessible areas.

As always, do not hesitate to call Baker Brothers for even the simplest recommendation or inspection.

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