3 Air Conditioning Tips for Hot Dallas Summers

June 1, 2015

Hey y’all. Summer’s here, and we know it’s hot in Dallas! Here at Baker Brothers Plumbing and Air Conditioning, we want to make sure you and your family are doing all you can to beat this heat and save some energy. Don’t sweat it, because we’ve provided you some handy air conditioning tips for you to stay cool.

1. Change your air conditioner’s filter. A clean filter ensures clean air in your home. As a rule of thumb, change filters every 30-60 days. Do you have pets and suffer from allergies? When pets shed, a clean filter captures the hair and dander. However, clogged filters won’t be able to pick up all of Fido and Felix’s fur, only worsening your allergies. A clogged filter allows less air through as well as overworks your AC system. Set reminders to change your filters today so that you can breathe better.

2. Turn on ceiling fans! The air movement from the fan creates a nice breeze and helps cool down your rooms. But make sure to turn the fan off when you leave the room – fans only make the room cooler when you’re in it. They operate through evaporative cooling and remove moisture from your body to cool you down. Interesting, right?

3. Close those curtains! Closing shades and blinds is an easy and cost-effective way to cool your home. Keeping the light out prevents the sun from turning your house into an oven. Protip: Invest in light-colored curtains so that light and heat reflect away from the house. You know you’ve been wanting to redecorate anyway…

Stay cool, Texas, and be sure to call Baker Brothers for any plumbing or A/C needs.

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