South Dallas

South Dallas is an area in Dallas, Texas. It, south of downtown Dallas, borders the Trinity River in the West, Interstate 30 in the north, and the Great Trinity Forest South and The proximity to the city promises great growth.

South Dallas Edgewood Place was once home to the Jewish community and later to African American residents; Many of Edgewood’s current residents come from families who have owned their homes for decades. Edgewood is now attracting the mind of young professional and inner-city pioneers who are silently buying homes in need of repair. Because of Edgewood’s proximity to downtown, developers are also interested. The two-block zone consists of 110 houses on South Boulevard and Park Row, built by the Jewish area in the early 20th century when Temple Emanu-El was still on Harwood Street and South Boulevard. This area is being revitalized with a mix of relatively intact Prairie School, Craftsman bungalow, and historic revival-style homes by prominent Dallas architects from 1910-1935.

Grand Park South (GPS) is a 229-acre Tax Raised economic District (TIF) in South Dallas and is bordering the historic Accessible Fair Park. South Dallas is generally considered to be the area south of the Trinity River, downtown, and the I30. The vast majority of South Dallas is black and Hispanic. Black neighborhoods range from long-established communities in the city to larger communities on the outskirts. This area is home to the greatest concentration of African Americans in North Texas.

South Dallas / Fair Park Public Improvement District was established in 2016. This PID consists of roughly 533 lots and has a range of land uses counting commercial and residential assets and the South Side Quarter Development Corporation (SSQDC) manages the PID. The services and improvements provided by the South Dallas / pale Park PID contain improved protection and communal safety, capital improvement (including landscape, illumination, walkway, streets, parks, fountains, and highways), and promotions (including public relations, business development, and marketing).

This plan focuses on providing strategic guidance to revitalize economic development for the Dallas / Fair Park business corridor. Provides an analysis of current conditions in the area, including land use and demographics. Studies of zoning plans for both the neighborhood and the community’s commercial areas are also being carried out in order to guide zoning and avoid the possible negative effects of mixed-use development. The current revitalization initiatives in both public and private sectors were demarcated and followed these fundamental objectives that lead to the revitalization of the corridor:

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