Preston Hollow

Have you always wanted to hang out with the rich and famous? When you explore the area you know that it is very rich and yet the area remains open to the public and invites everyone to visit or view it at leisure. The area grew around the Old Chisholm Trail which cowboys and cattle took to get to the market. Cowboys and cattle don’t gather as often now, but the market and the marketers, as well as the politicians, live in the area. It became a way for the rich to live outside of the city and still be in the middle of the action.

Preston Hollow is 6 miles north of downtown Dallas. Preston Road is the area’s main artery. Terry Box of The Dallas Morning News said in 1 that the corridor that runs through Preston Road between the Northwest Highway and the LBJ Freeway is known as the “Golden Corridor” of Dallas because of its wealth.

Roland Anderson, a resident quoted by The Dallas Morning News, said real estate agents use the name in its broadest sense because they believe the name to “glitch”. He added that, in the words of Jacobs, ‚ÄúPreston Hollow is really a community of neighborhoods, often well maintained with an outer wall around them, some parishes have gates and others don’t. Home lots are expansive, with average home prices between $ 450,000 and $ 12 million. Preston Hollow enumerates an economically surprisingly diverse population. The average rent in 2013 was $ 1,149, making it affordable for the middle class. It’s young money and old money mixed with the average. In the area, some neighborhoods cater to the middle class, with homes between $ 153,000 and $ 200,000. Demographics show that the area is predominantly white homeowners, at just over 75 percent, with the second-largest population being Hispanic Americans. Boone Pickens, and Roger Staubach. The area became an amalgamation of around 30 districts and consists of two sections. Old Preston Hollow is roughly 19 neighborhoods owned by the very wealthy and corporate CEOs. The younger Preston Hollow has well-trained urban professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and dentists. The area covers just over 17 square miles with a population of 59,405 .its eastern edge follows Interstate 75, better known as the North Central Expressway with a southern limit of Turn 12 Drive Head west, turn north on Midway Road to reach the eastern border, then turn east on 635. Public or private schools are excellent.

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