Nominate Your Favorite Local Charity

Thank You for Voting to Support Your Favorite Local Charity and Non-Profits! Winner to Be Announced First Week of March!

3-Step Contest:

  1. Complete the Form below.
  2. FOLLOW our Facebook Page and SHARE THIS PAGE with your Charity and your friends, letting them know why you’re voting and to encourage them to vote as well.
  3. Monitor Results through the month and find out which Charity Wins after the Contest Closes (end of Feb, first week of March)

Ready to Vote? Start Here:

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Rules, Guidelines & Notices:
1. You may vote for more than one local charity, but only submit one vote for each charity you nominate.
2. Charities must be local and have 501c3 status, and should have an office location in the greater DFW metro area.
3. Select entries maybe shared on our Facebook Page (so please be sure to LIKE / FOLLOW us) for updates.
4. All entries will be reviewed and voted on by a select group of employees at Baker Brothers employees.
5. All charities submitted (whether 1 vote or multiple) will have equal chances of winning.
6. Charities which receive more votes are more likely to win, but the quality of the submissions and value to the local community will be the primary factor in consideration of selecting a winner. (No charities can win if an employee or relative works for or owns that charity).
7. After February 28, all votes will be tallied and within 7 business days, a winner announced on Facebook and email (the email address you use).