Love Field

Dallas is named after Moss L. U. Army Aviation History. His Wright Model C biplane crashed during its military pilot test. On October 19, 1917, Love Field was named by the United States Army.

Dallas Love Field entered repair on October 19, 1917, as an exercise base for the United States Army Air check during World War I. The airport is named after Army Lieutenant Moss Lee Love, who died during flight training. Lieutenant Love had no connection with Dallas, but it was customary at the time to honor Army Airmen who died while trying to escape.

Love Field serves as a forces airfield awaiting the city of Dallas acquired it in 1927 and opened the way for civilian utilize After World War. Its first paved runways were completed in 1932 and commercial air traffic grew in the 1930s.

The airport again played an important role for the military during the years of World War II at the beginning of the decade. 1940 and then skilled expansive enlargement as a passenger airport during the post-war shot. Intends to effectively terminate passenger service at Love Field. Love Field was on the verge of closure, but the founding of Southwest Airlines in 1971 brought Love Field to life as the fledgling airline refused to move operations to DFW Airport.

After a protracted legal battle between several parties, the Wright Amendment was issued to limit flight operations at Dallas Love Field to locations in Texas and the neighboring states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

The stifling provisions of the Wright Amendment remained in law until the attempt to repeal it began in 2005. Certain limitations were lifted and the entire Wright modification was acceptable to expire on October 13, 2014. In 2018, Love surpassed Field for the first time 8 million passengers. On April 22, 2021, the airport has initiated a project of 141 million US dollars to completely demolish and rebuild the 13R / 31L track, which was recently concretized with concrete in 1990, which is 20 years on the slight traffic level of Wright.

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