Dallas UV Air Sanitizer System Installation

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Captura UV Filter

Captura UV Air Filters

The Captura UV Air Purification System was developed in conjunction with research data from the Westinghouse Electric Corporation Lamp Division’s research labs. This research states that a UV lamp has a 70 to 85% kill rate for germs on first impact. Due to the positioning of the lamp and its length, any germs not eliminated on first impact, will be neutralized on subsequent impacts. This results in a near 99% effectiveness of the system.

The Advantages Of A UV Air Sanitizer

If there are any allergy sufferers in your family, or anyone with asthma or another respiratory condition, installing a UV air sanitizer in your home will help them cope with their symptoms and provide great relief. As a matter of fact, many hospitals use UV air sanitizer systems in their tuberculosis wards to reduce the risk from airborne particles viruses and bacteria.

A good-quality UV air sanitizing system will work quietly to clean and purify the air in your home. These systems also help to eliminate odors and keep your ducts clean.

Unlike traditional air filtration systems, since UV air sanitizers don’t use filters, there is little or no maintenance for the homeowner to be concerned with. There’s no need to be concerned about the effectiveness becoming reduced with time, the way that a filter becoming increasingly dirty will diminish its effectiveness.

The Importance Of Professional Installation

The trained, licensed and knowledgeable installers at Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning will make sure your UV air sanitizer is compatible with your heating and air conditioning system and will be sufficient for your home. We will complete the installation following all necessary local and state safety codes and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to safeguard your warranty.

Our pledge to achieve excellent customer service as well as our commitment to promptness means that you will not need to wait a long time for our technicians to arrive once you have booked your appointment. Our technicians are all licensed bonded and insured. They are also clean and courteous.