The heating and cooling system in your home is a complex piece of equipment. Installing, repairing, or maintaining it requires a highly trained and skilled professional. The experts at Baker Brothers are just those skilled professionals. To schedule an appointment for a heating system installation or repair in your Dallas, TX home, call us today at 214-324-8811.

Heating System Installation Repair Services in Dallas, TX

Repairing Your Heating System

Your heating system is critical in making your home a comfortable environment for you and your family. If it malfunctions during a cold winter’s day, it can make everybody feel miserable. That's when you need the qualified service experts from Baker Brothers.

You can count on us to get your heating system back in good working order quickly and efficiently. Our licensed and bonded technicians will deliver the very best in friendly and knowledgeable service.

Replacing Your Heating System

If the time has come to replace your heating system, you can consider several options. Traditional gas or electric furnaces can be an economical option. Their lower initial cost makes them a popular option for many, and the latest models are far more energy efficient than their predecessors. You can also opt for more environmentally friendly solutions, such as a heat pump or a geothermal heating system. These types of solutions draw heat either from the soil (in the case of a geothermal system) or from the surrounding air (for heat pumps), and they do not burn energy to generate heat. This makes them an exceedingly good option from an energy efficiency and environmental friendliness perspective.

Regular Maintenance Of Your Heating System

Whether your heating system is nearing the end of its service life or it is brand new, the best way to avoid a future unwelcome breakdown is to have it inspected and maintained annually by a Baker Brothers technician. During our annual service visits, we will clean the system, run a complete battery of diagnostic tests and identify any potential problems that can be addressed now before they have a chance to develop into a more serious issue.

An added benefit of having your heating system tuned up every year is that it will help to keep it running as efficiently as possible, thus keeping your energy bills in check. A properly maintained system is more likely to be energy efficient and consume less gas or electricity.