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14 Things You Should Never Flush

14 Things You Should Never Flush We’ve all been there. You have a houseful of guests and you are late for your own party. You quickly flush the pail of cat litter you were supposed to take out to the garbage along with your new baby’s dirty diaper. It’s all waste, right? Does it flush? […]

Don’t Throw That Down the Disposal

Don’t Throw That Down the Disposal Unless you are rocking a dino-pig disposal like the Flintstones, chances are your garbage disposal and it’s maintenance comes with a lot of dos and don’ts. We see a lot of clogs or strained disposals as a result of misguided care. A lot of people think lemons or coffee […]

Bathroom Plumbing 101

Bathroom Plumbing 101 You use it every day. Some days you frequent your bathroom multiple times. If your bathroom is out of order or running with less efficiency than expected, your life will often follow suit. Staying on top of leaks and aging fixtures can help you keep your bathroom in tiptop working shape. The […]

Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance

Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance Runny nose, fever, cough … you think you are under the weather? Sometimes your toilet needs a checkup too. Baker Brothers Plumbing is here to provide you with our expert care in this week’s edition of The Toilet Doc: Cleaning and Maintenance Like all heavy-use fixtures in your home, your toilet […]

Clear Your Drain, No Matter What’s Stuck In It

Clear Your Drain, No Matter What’s Stuck In It Hey Dallas, you can always call us here at Baker Brothers Plumbing and Air Conditioning when your kitchen or bathroom drain is clogged. A clogged drain is the leading cause of water damage in homes, and if a problem ever arises, we can be on the […]