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Top How-to Questions During a Hard Freeze: Pipes, Water Heaters, Tankless Heaters

Most Important Plumbing, Water Heater and Tankless “How To’s” After A Hard Freeze Below are some of the most common Plumbing FAQ’s following a hard-freeze. Due to overwhelming call volume, these DIY tips can help you right away until a licensed plumber can get to your home for a full evaluation and fix. You should […]

How to Stop or Avoid Tankless Water Heater Leaks

The DFW area has been hit with unprecedented weather over the last few days. Heavy snow and freezing temperatures have provided numerous challenges for homeowners. Our trained and licensed plumbers are doing everything in their power to help every customer in need during this time. While you’re waiting for a technician to arrive to serve […]


QUICK FIX: MY AIR GAP IS SPURTING WATER! Have you ever run the dishwasher and come back to find water spouting all over your sink, countertop, or even the floor? Did the water come from the strange protrusion next to your faucet? Bet you always wondered what that thing did (before you found out it […]