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Choosing the Right Shower Head

Choosing the Right Shower Head Every day you wake up and find yourself bombarded with choices. Do you have time to fix yourself some eggs and bacon or is it a cereal type of morning? And if it is cereal—will you be having fruit with flakes or something with grain clusters? Which option will give […]

Update your Bathroom with a Fresh Look

Update your Bathroom with a Fresh Look We spend an hour of our day on average in the bathroom. That’s a sizable amount of time spent in the same place. And we all know someone who manages to double the average. For that special bathroom lover in your life and for all the hours of […]

Bathroom Plumbing 101

Bathroom Plumbing 101 You use it every day. Some days you frequent your bathroom multiple times. If your bathroom is out of order or running with less efficiency than expected, your life will often follow suit. Staying on top of leaks and aging fixtures can help you keep your bathroom in tiptop working shape. The […]

Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance

Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance Runny nose, fever, cough … you think you are under the weather? Sometimes your toilet needs a checkup too. Baker Brothers Plumbing is here to provide you with our expert care in this week’s edition of The Toilet Doc: Cleaning and Maintenance Like all heavy-use fixtures in your home, your toilet […]