Spring and Summer Energy-Saving Tips

Save More Money This Summer Like most people, homeowners look for ways to save money with minimal impact to their day to day lives. Making small changes and keeping home utility equipment well maintained will aid in the most efficient use of energy. And saving energy will lower your monthly bills. Energy.gov has a number […]

Baker Brothers Dallas Air Conditioner Checklist For Month of May

Follow Our HVAC System Maintenance Checklist and Save Money The easiest way for you and your family to avoid costly malfunctions at home is regular maintenance and service provided by our team of plumbers and technicians. Our experienced family at Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning recommends scheduling an appointment with an HVAC specialist every spring to […]

How to Turn Off Your Water Heater

Turning Off Water Heater In 6 Easy Steps Whether you have a water leak, a gas leak, or the pilot light goes out, it is a good idea to be aware of how to turn off your water heater safely. Turning off the water heater is crucial before beginning any type of maintenance. More often […]


QUICK FIX: MY AIR GAP IS SPURTING WATER! Have you ever run the dishwasher and come back to find water spouting all over your sink, countertop, or even the floor? Did the water come from the strange protrusion next to your faucet? Bet you always wondered what that thing did (before you found out it […]


With spring comes warmer weather, greener grass, and unfortunately increased allergens, especially in your home. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make your home less likely to cause your sneezes and watery eyes. Take back the control of your home and enjoy breathing healthier with these tips.

Keep the cold out: How to heat your home more efficiently.

Keep the cold out: How to heat your home more efficiently. It may be February, but the chilly weather is not over yet. Heating your home is one of the most costly energy expenses you’ll come by, so why not do everything you can to keep that price low? Follow these easy 5 steps to […]

Preparing Home For Winter

Preparing Home For Winter The chilly months always hit a little late in Texas. We expect temperatures to drop below freezing and often without any warning. Don’t be caught off guard this winter without the proper preparation. Without it, your pipes can burst and lead to expensive repairs. In order to prepare your home for […]

Diagnose Plumbing Noises in 2 Steps

Diagnose Plumbing Noises in 2 Steps Information Shared by Baker Brothers Plumbing Dallas Do you hear that noise? There – the one that sounds like it’s coming from your plumbing? What is that? It could be a variety of things, and to figure it out, you need to know two things: where is the noise […]

10 Things to do Before Buying a New HVAC System

10 Things to do Before Buying a New HVAC System Today in America, owning a home is one of the most dream fulfilling purchases. Big or small, our very own castle is a place to relax, unwind, and be comfortable. Comfort being extremely important, especially in Texas. Our local temperatures are usually above 90 degrees, […]