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Heating and Cooling Services in Rowlett, TX

A/C Repair And Maintenance

The indoor comfort of your home depends on the proper functioning of your air conditioning system during the summer months. When it malfunctions and the temperature in your home begins to creep upwards, it’s very difficult to get comfortable, and getting a good night’s sleep is almost impossible.

If your A/C system stopped working or isn’t performing as well as it could, call Baker Brothers. One of our service technicians will investigate the issue and recommend the best approach to fix it.

Some of the most common causes for an air conditioning system to breakdown include an accumulation of grime and dirt on the condenser coil, low levels of refrigerant in the system, and a clogged A/C drain tube. All of these problems are easily avoidable. If you schedule regular annual service and maintenance appointments in the spring, our A/C specialists will inspect your system, perform any minor adjustments needed and run diagnostic tests. We will also clean the system’s many components and check the refrigerant level to make sure it is in optimal order and ready to take on the coming summer heat.

Adding A Dehumidifier To Your Home

Excessive humidity in your Rowlett, TX home can make it feel uncomfortable and clammy even if the temperature isn’t too hot. Humidity can also contribute to the growth of harmful mold and bacteria inside your home. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends maintaining the relative humidity in your home between 30% and 60% to control and deter the growth of mold.

Having a whole home dehumidifier professionally installed is the perfect way to achieve the optimal indoor relative humidity. The unit can be easily installed on your existing HVAC system. It will effectively remove a great deal of the moisture trapped in the air as it circulates through the ducts. As an added benefit, a dehumidifier also assists your A/C system. Humid air tends to retain heat more than dry air. Therefore, by reducing the humidity in your home, your A/C will not have to work as hard to keep it cool.

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