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Heating and Cooling Services in Plano, TX

Geothermal Heating Systems

Geothermal systems are among the most energy efficient heating solutions available for your home. Using a heat transfer process, these systems pull existing heat energy found in the soil surrounding your house to provide warmth to your home.

Since a geothermal system does not burn fuel to generate heat, it is one of the more energy efficient options available to you. Additionally, the heat transfer process can be reversed in the summer to provide cool air inside your Plano, TX home.

Adding A Dehumidifier To Your Heating And Air Conditioning System

Summer days bring with them higher humidity levels. Humid air in your home can be harmful and particularly difficult for anyone who suffers from allergies. High relative humidity can be a leading cause of dangerous mold growth in your home. Parts of your home that are naturally humid, like the cabinets under your sinks, are most prone to see mold forming. Mold spores are very common triggers for allergy sufferers. Another common trigger for allergies that thrives in warm humid places are dust mites.

Reducing your indoor relative humidity with a new dehumidifier is an ideal way to keep the growth of mold and the spread of dust mites in your home under control.

Some of the most telling signs that you may need a dehumidifier in your home include condensation in your windows, the presence of a musty odor, and the appearance of moisture stains on walls or ceilings.

UV Air Sanitizer Systems

The air in your home contains airborne bacteria, chemicals and dust particles. Although the filter in your HVAC system can effectively reduce the amount of airborne particles, it will still let many of them to pass through. One of the most effective tools that can virtually eliminate the presence of contaminants is a UV air sanitizer system. This piece of equipment uses the rays from an ultraviolet lamp to incinerate the microscopic particles and germs that your standard filter will have missed.

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