Dallas Radiant Heating System Installation

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Radiant Heating Services in Dallas, TX

What Is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heat transfer is the delivery of heat directly from a hot surface to its surroundings via infrared radiation. It is the same effect you might feel if a stove’s burner were on in another part of the room.

Radiant floor heating was first invented by the Romans, who heated elevated marble floors with wood-burning fires below them.

Modern radiant heating systems distribute warmth inside the home by supplying it directly to the floor or to panels inside walls or ceilings.

The Advantages Of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is generally considered a more efficient solution then forced air systems because it eliminates energy loss through ductwork. Since it does not propel air through the house, it effectively reduces the distribution of allergens and dust throughout the home.

Hydronic systems, which have a heated liquid in them, use very little electricity. These can use different sources to heat the liquid, including natural gas, solar power and other energy sources.

Radiant heating solutions also offer greater design opportunities by eliminating registers and vents in the walls and floors. Furniture can be placed anywhere without being concerned about blocking the flow of heated air. It is also a comforting feeling to wake up and step onto a warm floor, even in Dallas!

Significant Savings

Radiant heating could save you significant amount of money on your monthly bills. Although the results may vary from one home to the next, you will doubtlessly notice a difference in your energy costs.

Standard forced air solutions can lose up to 30% of their heated air in the duct system. Since a radiant system delivers heat directly, much of that loss is avoided. Additionally, radiant systems offer the flexibility to set a thermostat in each room so that you do not need to waste energy on rooms that are vacant. This can lead to even more significant energy savings.