Dallas Geothermal System Installation & Repair

If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint, save on your monthly heating bills, and enjoy the year-round comfort that a geothermal heating and cooling system can provide, call 214-324-8811. The professionals at Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning will provide all the necessary knowledge, expertise and quality workmanship needed to add a geothermal climate control system to your Dallas area home.

Geothermal Heating Services in Dallas, TX

What Is A Geothermal Heating System?

Geothermal systems collect the heat stored in the soil that surrounds your Dallas home and transfer it indoors. They are similar in their heat transferal process to heat pumps with one significant difference. Heat pumps draw warmth from the air, while a geothermal system draws it from the earth.

The Advantages Of A Geothermal System

Can also be a cooling solution in the summertime: The process of extracting heat from the soil and transferring it indoors can be reversed in the summertime. Heat is pulled from the inside air and released into the ground, creating a comfortable and cool environment.

Great energy efficiency: Since these systems do not burn any fuel to generate heat, they are a very energy efficient and environmentally friendly option. Some consumers have seen a reduction in their utility bills of 40 to 70%.

Aesthetically pleasing: Geothermal systems run virtually silently, reducing the amount of noise in your home. Additionally, they eliminate the need for large and unsightly outdoor condenser units associated with air conditioning systems.

Tax credits: Some federal and state tax credits may be available to help cover a portion of the cost of installing a geothermal system.

The Installation Of A Geothermal System

The earth around your home remains at a relatively constant temperature of 57° all year round. A geothermal heating system uses a water-based solution that circulates through a series of high-density polyethylene pipes buried underground around your home to either collect heat from the soil in the wintertime or release it into the ground in the summer.

Pipes measuring between 100 and 400 feet in length can be installed along horizontal trenches when space allows. If space is limited, they can be buried vertically, using well digging equipment.

The licensed and trained technicians at Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning are experienced at working with geothermal heating and cooling systems, making us the ideal choice for your installation, repair and maintenance needs.