Dallas AC Repair & Installation

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Heating and Cooling Services in Dallas, TX

Regular AC & Furnace Tune-Ups & Maintenance

Regardless if your furnace is 20 years old or brand-new, by scheduling regular annual service and maintenance visits with the expert professionals at Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning, you will be helping to ensure that it continues to function as well as can be expected. Our technicians will complete a thorough examination, make any required minor adjustments, and look for signs of any future problems that can be addressed before they become too serious.

Air Conditioning System Installation And Replacement

During the hottest days of summer, the comfortable environment inside your Dallas, TX home depends greatly upon your air conditioning system. Therefore, having it installed by a qualified, licensed, and experienced service professional is a key factor in safeguarding its long-term efficiency and dependability. The expert installation technicians at Baker Brothers will adhere to all required safety and building codes and work in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines in order to protect your warranty. When we are done, you’ll have a reliable A/C system that should provide you with years of worry-free comfort.

Heat Pump Installations

A heat pump is a very energy efficient heating option for your home. Heat pumps use refrigerant liquid to draw heat energy from the ambient outside air and transfer it indoors to provide comfortable warmth for your home. Since there is always heat energy to be found in the air, heat pumps can easily keep your home comfortable and warm even on the coldest Texas night.

Heat pumps are a far more energy efficient option than traditional heating solutions since they do not burn fuel to generate heat. Furthermore, the process of heat transfer from the outside to inside can be reversed during the summer months, thus drawing the heat from inside your home and moving it outdoors. This provides a cool comfortable environment and eliminates the need for an A/C system.

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