Is your toilet constantly making noise, even when it’s not flushing or filling? Chances are that it’s a minor issue, easily fixed by even the least handy among us. You can do this, even if you don’t think you can, and we’ll show you how.


1) First, remove the lid from the toilet tank so you can have a look at what’s going on. The inside should look something like this (though, ideally, cleaner).



2) Two things to check right off the bat: Is the water filled to the water line? Is the flapper (the bright blue thing in this picture) stuck open? Either of these issues can cause the toilet to keep running. If the water is low, check the water valve and make sure it’s all the way open. It’s a small knob on the wall connected to a tube that brings the water into the tank. Turn it as far left as it will go to open it; turn it to the right to close it.



If it’s the flapper, simply try closing it. If it’s obviously catching on something, remove what’s stopping it. If the chain is too short, just move the hook down a few links to adjust the length.



3) If your problem hasn’t been solved, chances are it’s a bad flapper. Over time, they can dry out and harden, preventing a good seal. This leads to water constantly escaping, which causes the sound you hear. You’ll need to run by the hardware store and pick up a replacement. They come in several sizes, so ensure that you’re buying one that matches your old one.



4) To replace the flapper, begin by turning the water valve off. Next, flush the toilet to get all the water out of the tank.



5) Remove the worn-out flapper by sliding the sides off of the plastic arms they’re attached to. Unhook the chain from the lift arm and dispose of the flapper.



6) Do the opposite with the new flapper, sliding it over the plastic arms. There are a variety of different mechanisms by which flappers can attach themselves. The new one might be different than the old one, but don’t get worked up about it.



7) Now, attach the chain to the lift arm. Make sure that the length of the chain is such that when the flush lever is pressed, the flapper lifts up completely. To adjust the length, simply remove the hook on the end of the chain and move it up a few links on the chain as described in step 2.


8) Voila! Turn the water valve back on, wait for the tank to fill, and give her a flush to test your work.



As always, if you can’t solve it yourself, give Baker Brothers a call. We’re happy to help with any task, large or small.

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